it's a weekend update ...

Apr 12, 2010


How are you? How was your weekend? What did you do?
P.S. You're lookin HOTTTTTTT today!

I had a FANTASTIC weekend. Absolutely stellar. I would repeat this weekend over and over again for a long time. Groundhog Day Style.

Here's some of the things I loved this weekend:

Sleeping in.
My capri yoga pants.
Deadliest Catch. Ohhh man. I'm ADDICTED.
My super super hott boyfriend.
This tree outside my back deck.
Isn't it SO GORGEOUS?!

My checkered vans sneakers. 
Cadbury mini eggs. 
The Blazer blanket. I freaking love this thing. I made it for boyfriend for Christmas ... but it kinda lives at my apartment. And it's like 10' long by 4' ... and I love it. 
It's SO SO SO FREAKING COMFY. Plus it was combined with my body pillow and Deadliest Catch (and capris and cadburys). 

Taco Pizza. Which is so delicious. SO delish.
Friends on rerun.
A long phone call with my momma.
Knowing that one my little brothers is coming this next weekend.
Mocking bad golfers.
Great hair.

And so much more that I'm keepin all to myself because it was just that great of a weekend.



  1. You just seem so full of happiness today lady! It's infectious!

  2. everything sounds lovely. (: and love the pictures.


  3. YAYAYAYAYAYYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!I love all this happiness all over the place! You deserved a good weekend. :) Love you.

  4. Deadliest Catch is completely addictive!

  5. I love cozy blankets:) You had a crazy awesome weekend!

  6. You had me at taco pizza.

    Deadliest Catch is AWESOME!


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