i'm alive...and i don't need a witness...to know that i survived

Apr 23, 2010

I feel like I have been absent lately.
(I kind of have.)

I have so much to tell you about:
Amazing salt water taffy, my little brother's visit to Oregon, what's been happening at our station (to take me away from the blogging), my cute boyfriend (who remains the best part of my life...(p.s. i'm disgustingly in love with him.)), as well as the fact that I may have finally moved completely into my house ... nearly a year later. 
{Right on Siovhan time.}

I have new earrings, blue tights, self painted toenails, videos, ocean pictures, a room revamping, and a rad tie-dye jacket to show you.

I have cute and tender moments to expound, issues to get off my chest, and general happiness/sadness/emotional-ity to bond with you over, and even a couple embarrassing moments to blush over.

Alas life has gotten in the way.
Between meetings, rehearsals, daily work, a root canal and the such {and blissfully because of super hottie fantastic boyfriend) I've had little time to tell you.

But I am alive.
No need to send an e-search party out for me.
(Although we should have a REAL party.)

So while I'm out and about ... I'm going to leave you with a picture I found, love, and am using to remind me to be hopeful. 

are you there summer? 
it's me, siovhan.

I love you all. I hope you haven't forgotten me! 
(I'm still blog stalking all of you. Promise.) 
Tell me what's keeping YOU hopeful! 



  1. THERE you are, lady! Glad you're still kickin'! Life sounds a little crazy... i completely feel you... can't wait to catch up! xo

  2. rehearsals?
    does this mean you are singin again?

    i found this site today and i think its hopeful. someone has spent (almost) a year photographing clouds. yeah, i know. sweet.

    oh, and these two songs by a byu group im in love with.

    a mass blog post about my recent obcession with them is looking more and more possible.

    here's the best one:
    My heart explodes about 2:20.

    Love you woman!

  3. #1- I bumped into your cute brother Braden yesterday. What a stud, still can't believe he's in college though.
    #2- I'm glad you're seeking summer as well. I've been quite concerned because I think winter took it hostage...
    #3- In 6-7 weeks, I too will be residing in Oregon. And will need to see you! :)

  4. K you can't just tease me like that by listing all the amazing things you did, bought, shared and lived and not show me any pictures. A tye dye jacket??? That one, i really need to see.

    Happy friday S! Welcome back!

  5. LOVE that you used lyrics from Jack's Mannequin.

    Despite being all busy your posts always sound SO HAPPY!

  6. cute post.. wish it was summer already.


  7. Loving the Jacks reference. My blog title is of the same derivation, if you couldn't tell already. Haha.

  8. HOW gorgeous, I am JUST WAITING for summer!!

  9. Umm, blue tights??? Outfit post needed!

    Welcome back!

  10. tagged u in a lil meme on my blog if you get time to have a look :)

  11. Can't wait to hear about everything! The thing that is keeping me hopeful is that I was just put on salary at my job so now I'll be able to pay off more debt which means when we are out of debt we will be free to do what we want and travel. I'm hopeful that we will be able to do this within a year!

  12. YAY...you're doing great. Just what I wanna hear! One can't help but be psyched for summer after seeing that pic!

  13. Looking forward to hearing about it ALL!


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