I'm a stranger on my own blog.

Apr 30, 2010

I know I still owe y'all pictures of my tie dye.
And I need to be a better blogger.
I just don't have the energy for it a lot of times lately, but I miss you all SO SO SO much.

I have some stories for you.
That thing from work I couldn't tell you about -- we went HD! In just 8 weeks.
It's still taking some getting used to, and newscasts are way different.
And we got a pretty new set -- check it out.
(I blocked out my station because ... no stalkers. Haha.)

Isn't it pretty?
It's taking some getting used to, some adjusting, and some re-learning.  
But it's so much bigger, newer, more advanced than our old setup.

In other news, part of the other reason I've been absent is something real personal I'm gonna share. 
So I was on a prescription meds to take care of an infection in my mouth -- making it so I could get my root canal. Well, turns out I'm allergic to them. I was pretty sick for like four days ... and then on Friday I got really really sick at work. When I went home I immediately went and laid down and the longer the night went on the worse I felt. Long story short, I ended up in the ER and was really dehydrated as well as definitely allergic to this medicine. I have a few more tests that need to be done -- but I'm slowly getting better...and getting back to eating real food. And boyfriend has become my loving monitor -- making sure I'm doin alright. (He's seriously so adorable. I wouldn't have been able to get through it without him.) But this kinda explains to you that when I'm home, I mostly just hang out and try to rest and feel better. I leave work nearly every day just exhausted. Hence my semi-hiatus from blogging.

In even more other news...
I'm a person who hates change in some respects -- and craves it in others.
I've drastically dyed, cut, played with my hair a TON and love the change. I like changing around how my room is and what it looks like. I enjoy reorganizing.
And let this be said I LOVE my blog. I love the layout that LJ did for me. But I'm starting to itch for a new change.
I want something that looks kinda like Lacey's or Rasha's or Naomi's.
I love them.
So anyone wanna help a sister out? (I'd ask LJ but she's on break.) Or know someone good (and cheap) to help me re-do it?

I hope you all get to have a wonderful, happy, (ER-free), amazing weekend!


p.s. Sorry to the two followers I lost this week. That sucks. Sorry ya didn't wanna stick around!


  1. Hey Sweetpea! I'm so sorry to hear about your bad couple of days but happy to hear you're getting better! So sweet of you to link on over to lil' ol' me! I am still in serious love with my design & I had Stef from Dirt and Lace(she's on my blog roll) do it. She is amazing to work with... will flip, switch and change until you're happy! She was super reasonable too!

  2. SOOO glad you are feeling better! How scary! :(

    Glad to see your pretty face round these here parts again.

  3. I got mine done at Rainy Day Templates - mine was $35 and it was a super easy process.

    I also have a sponsor on my blog that does templates and she helped me at the second sidebar to mine. And she's just a real sweetheart. The name of her business is Sweet Faerie Designs.

    So those are too options if you're looking to pay a bit of money.

    ALSO... I'm glad it sounds like you're feeling a little better. That's awful that you were allergic to those meds! At least you have a wonderful boyfriend to take care of you.

    Have a happy weekend lady.

  4. I hope you are feeling better! :)

  5. OMG, lady. I'm so sorry. Been there with the root canal. Ugh. Hope you're on the mend!


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