I want to know you moved and breathed in the same world with me.

Apr 8, 2010


this is an open letter.
an unfinished tale.
a continuing story.

this is an open letter to the boy i love.
someone who fills each of my days with sunshine and laughter.
and promises of happinesses yet to come.

to the boy that filled that gaping hole in my heart,
thank you.

thank you for giving me faith in love, in people, in myself.
thank you for seeing the me i've worked so hard to put back together.
thanks for dealing with the worries, the doubts, the fears, and the tears.
thank you for enjoying the smiling, the laughter, and humor of us.
thank you for simply being you.
for seeking more each day to be the best version of you.
to be someone who wants to be with me.
and for someone who sees me as a blessing.

thanks for walking me to my car all the time.
for snuggling on my couch.
for cheering me up when i'm sad.
for bringing me food and watching football with me.
for that one time you came and rescued me at 0 dark 30.
for not thinking i'm nuts when i freak the dang freaking crap out out a little when things don't go my way.
for telling me secrets.
for listenting to me. actually listening to me. 
for the fact that i can tell you anything. absolutely anything.
for telling me lovely things about myself, including all the reasons you like me.
for holding my hand, stroking my hair and scratching my back.
for calling me baby girl.
for laughing with me.
and for making me laugh.
for the giant grin you get on your face when you see me.
for the giant grin i get on my face when i see you.
for the fact that seeing me is a good thing in your mind.
for standing close to me and keeping your hand on my knee in front of your friends. 
for working on this we thing -- because we know we're worth something.

for these many reasons, and a thousand more, i am lucky and grateful to have you.

your puzzle piece,