for the longest time...

Apr 18, 2010


By now you all know I have a super hottie fantastic boyfriend.
{I wish y'all got the HIMYM allusion in there.}
And many of you have questioned why I don't give more details, pictures, a name...
Here's the long story of it all.

Back in the day (ha!) I had this extremely intense, ridiculous, not-so-fun-in-DYSFUNCTIONAL relationship. It was long, it was labored, it was completely whacked.
And it was also REALLY public.
Everyone in our hallway/building/ward knew about the on and off-ness of us.
Our friend groups were SO intertwined/expansive.
My best friends were his roommates, his best chick friends were my roommates.
Plus we lived in a very social complex, so everyone saw us, everyone heard/rumored/butted-in on everything.
Something that should have been a private matter -- simply wasn't.

In the end, I really regretted it because of a) the circumstances of the ending (he was a real "winner") and b) the fact that people knew so much about us and our relationship -- it was super hard not to just scream, or cry, or unleash every detail about how incredibly hurtful/manipulative/undeserving he was.

Those details only went to people I loved and really knew I could trust (i.e. family and three or four wonderful ladies who always had my best interest at heart).

So this time around, with a GREAT and FUNCTIONING and really, seriously kismet relationship -- I'm wary about sharing or let others jump in. 
1) In deference to the fact that I'm not anonymous and people know both of us.
2) For his privacy -- he never signed on to being blogged about, nor would I ask him to.
3) Because I get to keep all the sweet, mushy, adorable fun for myself.
4) Because if we're friends enough you know how/when/what to ask if you wanna know. 
{And some of you have :) }
5) Because. I. Can.

I will tell you that he is ADORABLE to the extreme.
He treats me better than I think I deserve -- but just as great as he thinks I deserve.

He's basically perfect. 
He makes me laugh all the time, he makes me into a better person, he lets me be me -- without excuse, he calls me on stuff and I LOVE that. He pushes me and, I think, I push him in all the best manners.
He's just so great.

That's why things have been hush, hush.
Just so ya know. 



  1. That's very cool lady.

    I was in a relationship like your previous one: he was the best friend of one of MY best friend's older brother (say that 3 times fast). He was also very close with their family, as was I. So every time something happened, my friend's whole family knew and the relationship itself was unstable. It just left me feeling like nothing was MINE.

    So I totally get how you feel and good for you for wanting to keep Mr. Fabulous all to yourself. He's sounds awesome!

  2. Awwe I love this, Im so glad that you found someone that is so great. I feel this EXACT same way.

  3. cute and I understand completely. I wish I could find me a good guy :( ONE DAY!!!

  4. I'm SO happy for you! Whatever works right? It's your relationship to talk or not talk about however you see fit!! Enjoy that man candy. : )

  5. Love is the best, especially when you find your other half the hottest thing ever :)

    That's how it ought to be!!!

    Have a great Tuesday,
    Hope =)


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