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Mar 6, 2010

I feel like I owe you guys an explanation about my lack of blogging.
There are a couple reasons for it, not excuses, but reasons.

1. I got a minor promotion at work--doing our TWO main shows of the day. This leaves me writing, wrangling, editing, rewriting and generally working my little {i wish} rear off.
2. I promised myself that I would never force myself to write when I didn't think I was putting something good on my blog.
3. I've been trying to live REAL life. Do things I want to do. Expand myself. Try to be happy again -- outside the stress and grown up stuff. Because I've been missing happy for a little while.
4. Boyfriend. He's hott. When he's around -- I want him to occupy my time. 
5. When I get home, often the last thing I want to do is stare at a computer screen, again. 

I'm sorry. I'm trying to find good things to think about and show you and take pictures so I have evidence of the fun stuff I'm doing. 
Like this: 

I revamped my bedroom wall with new pictures and frames. 
Awww yeah. 



  1. I would say those are all completely valid explanations for not writing more! Go live your life!

  2. i was wondering where you were! your room looks fab, by the way. congrats on your promotion and i totally get ya on wanting to just live life for a moment. and there's nothing wrong with that, darlin.

  3. Way to go at the promotion!! That's exciting!

  4. Love the bedroom wall. And you are producing TWO main shows? I think I would die. Just producing the morning show nearly killed me! You are amazing.

    PS- I will be in Eugene next week!

  5. I've been making changes to my blog and all of my followers were deleted. You'll have to click on "follow me" to stay up to date with my blog now. :)

  6. 1) I LOVE YOUR BLOG. Holy cow, you're amazing. For all the time I've spent trying to learn HTML, mine still looks pathetic. You should be a blog tutor.
    2) I'm officially moving to Portland- sometime between mid-May and early June. WAHOO!
    3) Meeting up this summer in Oregon? Yes?

  7. Life always trumps blog sister. Congrats on the promotion!

  8. First of all...congrats on the promo! That's awesome! And i'm loving the wall of frames. Looks fabulous! Keep on enjoying your real life, cause when you do you have lots and lots to blog about...if you want :)


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