Tuesday Toesies

Mar 2, 2010

Once again it's Tuesday Toesies or Feetsy Fotos (as I like to call it).

So join on in! And make sure you post your link over at My Teacups In Peony, to share with everyone!

This is from when my dad visited me in Oregon in November 2008. 
We spent a lot of time in the car together ... and I was taking pictures of everything. 
And I LOVE that bag. It was still clean back then. 
It's an Andy Warhol bag and the strap says "Wasting money puts you in a real party mood."



  1. That bag is pretty darn snazzy. And I love those shoes!

  2. You are cute. And I love Andy Warhol.

  3. Your shoes and bag are super cute! Love the glitz and the warhol saying. I have a bunch of his bags since he too was a fan of bananas.


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