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Mar 30, 2010

Okay, this is something I have to get off my {massive} chest.

So I have this {e-}friend, Lauren. She is rad.
She's pretty, smart, talented, driven, fashionable, funny, and most of all caring.
{And she makes AMAZING headbands. buy one.}

Well, Lauren is gifted with something I, essentially, require in all of my friends/associates:
The girl is witty, sarcastic, funny and GREAT.
But people can't seem to cut her a break.
She says "I'm awesome" or "I have swagger" or "I rule" and she gets haters.

She does rule. She does have swagger. And she certainly IS awesome.

Just because you like yourself DOESN'T MAKE YOU CONCEITED. 
It doesn't make you un-humble. It doesn't make you a bad person.
Far, far from it. 

{I have many more thoughts on this ... like how you shouldn't attack someone for blogging claiming they want attention or are conceited -- when EVERYONE is blogging for someone to pay attention. Someone, anyone.}

In honor of the fact that I think we should ALL celebrate our swagger...our awesomeness...the reasons we rule...
I want to hear 10 reasons why YOU rule. 
They can be ANYTHING.
And then I'm gonna feature them!
Because everyone should be celebrated for the awesome things they are...or even do.
{even haters have redeeming qualities.}
Heck, you can comment as many times as you freaking want telling me how awesome you are.
(I bet I'll MORE than agree!!) 

So here's a list #1 of reasons why I currently think I rule:
1. I have hair that will do just about anything. It's got plenty of volume, holds curl, stays wavy, remains straight when I straighten it-- and stays that way. I have friends who would kill for that.
2. I make KILLER mix CDs for my friends and family. I have soundtracked several road trips/dance parties/life events. haha.
3. I have cute handwriting in real life.
4. I also make EPIC memory-filled birthday/christmas/random presents. Just ask High School BFF, Holly. I think she probably got a lot of the best of them.
5. I can sing. And well at that.
6. Oh! And at that, I can sing just about every local mattress store's jingle...heck, I can sing like a BAGILLION commercial jingles. 
7. I'm fiercely loyal to those who will return the favor.
8. I make ridiculously great homemade oreos. I'm craving one right now.
9. I have a unique but fitting style. Things that may not work for other people -- I love and make work for me. Add in a little swagger (haha) and I'm rockin it out.
10. For a lot of people, I can tell you exactly what you were wearing the first time we had an actual, important interaction. (yeah, I'm crazy elephant like in that way.)

So my gorgeous dears --


p.s. you look GREAT today. =]


  1. You DO rock my friend! You do! You're so stinkin cute. I just adore you. I rock by association with you. Does that count?

  2. You crack me up, and you definitely rule.

    I rule for the following reasons:

    1. I grew a human being inside me
    2. I pushed that human being out of me
    3. I make the best chocolate chip cookies in the world
    4. I can paint my toenails without getting polish on my toes
    5. I ran 10 miles 8 weeks after giving birth
    6. I would do anything for someone I love
    7. I know how to laugh at myself
    8. I love to travel and make an effort to do so on a regular basis
    9. I work for the #1 local news website in the nation
    10. I am a clean freak

    Wow, I feel a bit conceited. But it feels kind of good :)

  3. you ARE awesome!!! anything i list wouldn't even compare to your list of awesomeness.

  4. And YOU rock because you are quite the queen of fabulosity...both in humor and kindness!

  5. Okay, I think I'm ready for this.

    1. I am incredibly loyal.
    2. I am filled with (some might say, useless) information. But ask me about any celebrity, tv show, etc, and I'll have an answer.
    3. I am extremely honest. I can not lie. My parents instilled that into me at a young age. It just kills my husband that I can't lie to people, lol.
    4. I was featured in a few art shows in high school and college.
    5. I always come up with the perfect gifts for my family.
    6. I have been told that I have absolutely beautiful eyes. (and legs, but that was years ago)
    7. I once kicked a soccer ball from one goal to the other goal and scored. This was during practice and not a game though.
    8. I'm an extremely hard worker. Once I get a job I always try my hardest to be the best employee they have. My dad just had to remind me not to work myself out of a job. :)
    9. I love with all of my heart. Friends, Families, and Significant Others.
    10. Um, I have a kick ass name! Thanks mom & dad.

  6. I am joining you,

    you are so great!!! <3

  7. i want to be as cool as ruth ( :

    1. i just graduated from college: 5 years. 2 majors. 3.6 GPA.
    2. i can cook anything from scratch. and i do. from pizzas to pastries, cheeseburgers to cheesecakes...i will make it. and i love it.
    3. i can drive for days without getting tired. and i've driven across the country like 6 times. yay for commuting 2,000+ miles for college.
    4. i was the valedictorian of my class (of 500+) in high school. and i wore pj pants nearly every day ( :
    5. i won the very first 5k that i ever ran...beating out my sister that i ran with for basically the entire race. sorry ruth!
    6. i started running track and field / cross country in middle school because my friends and i realized that was a good way to meet boys. and i have loved running ever since ( :
    7. thanks to working in the news, i know a little bit about a zillion different things.
    8. i love writing. i can write about anything and make it sound fun / interesting / awesome.
    9. i won an award for my lighting design last year at the american theatre college festival...a nationally accredited program.
    10. i've never had strep throat.

  8. Siovhan, I love this! I decided to write my list over on my blog, but the link is below! Love this idea. Everyone needs to be reminded of just how awesome they are every once in a while!


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