i want wednesday

Mar 25, 2010

So I have a bunch of things to tell you.
But I'm not QUITE finished polishing them up or (in some cases) writing them.

So for now, here's a look at stuff I'm TOTALLY lusting after.

Sephora's felt tip eyeliner. It's like a marker. And it's amazing. And I want it. B-A-D BAD.

image via weheartit
A king sized bed with a big fat mountain of pillows on it.

A vacation at this house on the Oregon coast. Or this one.
MOM come visit so we can all go stay at that house!

this cardigan vest. the color is clutch.

still those freaking glasses.

 This swimsuit. I have it in black ... but I love the striped top. They also have the solid one (that I have) in teal. I love that, too.

or at least consistent sunshine -- it puts me in the BEST mood. just ask my co-workers.

a trip to see this awesome lady. she is seriously the bomb dot com.

what are you wanting?



  1. I want a fast forward to sum sum SUMMERTIME!!!!!!!!

    And for Drew to get a full time job he loves :) Let us know if you can hook him up

  2. I want to vacation in that house while wearing my wellies.

  3. Get the glasses! They look so good on you!!!

    Have a fabulous weekend darling!

  4. My "I want" list is as long as my leg right now. :(

  5. Gabby is pretty a to the awesome. I want a vacay. A beach in Negril...STAT. Too much to ask?

  6. where do you find swimsuits?!?! i'm in a desperate search and coming up with nothing... any suggestions?

    p.s. i love you and your randomness. Hope all is well with you! :D

  7. I love that swimsuit! To die for!

    And yes, Gabby is the bomb - agreed!

  8. Ifffff you see gabby you seee MEEE! YAY

  9. eeeeeeeeeee!! It's me! I have been a lame blogger and missed this!

    YES. You need to come see me and we will rent a super cute and cheap beach cottage and eat lots of really delish food. YES.


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