Mar 12, 2010

So I've sat here staring at this screen for several minutes ... not knowing what to say at all.

First, I cannot figure out why I'm still awake when I have to be up at 8:30 and got only 3 hours of sleep last night and worked and stayed up late, AGAIN.
My brain seriously needs to calm down and shut down.
It's still zip zip zipping.  

Second, even though my brain is all aflutter .... my body is exhausted.
{I promise this won't all be about sleep.}
I keep yawning like a loon. A still awake loon.
My body says "Hey crazy lady, we're trying to tell you you're tired. NOW LISTEN."

Third, I need inspiration for how to cut my hair.
I'm officially getting it cut on Saturday {the first time in a YEAR}.
Now I'm trying to figure out if/how much of it to cut off and what shape I want.

Also, we all know I love blog giveaways done by my loving friends.
I think they're just completely great.
But I'm starting to believe I should only enter ones that have to do with hair products/accessories -- because they're the only ones I win.
And that's okay with me, I'm SO not complaining.

I DEFINITELY didn't complain when I won this little beauty:

"Pinkspice" made by Miss Lauren over at Busy Bee Lauren {check out her headband shop}.

Fifth -- I needed some more work wear {i.e. skirts} and I'm pretty IN LOVE with Old Navy's $15 skirt sale right now. But I accidentally returned the wrong one today (I needed to change some sizes like on the GIANT cardigan I bought) so I'm gonna have to go back and get that one. Yay for cute work clothes.

Sixth, I want spring/summer. NOW. I'm sick of gray skies and rain. I want pretty Oregon again.

Lastly, please please PLEASE check out this AMAZING video my friend Natalie's little sister posted on her Facebook this week. Makes me SO happy. It's epic.
sigh. oh disney princesses. oh mean girls. oh GENIUS.

Happy Friday! Happy Weekend!
{Happy My Haircut, Room Clean, Crafting, Happiness weekend!!}


  1. thanks for sharing the video...loved it!
    hope you finda great hair cut! cant wait to see photos!

  2. Oh my gosh that video. So awesome!

    I'm sleepy too but I purposely didn't get enough sleep because I have to be up at 2:30 AM tomorrow to get ready for my flight to MEXICO. So yeah.

  3. Your head peice is lovely.

    That Video was so funny, I almost pit out my coffee.

    I love Mean Girls.

    Have a lovely Friday!

  4. That video is freakin' awesome!! I might have to "borrow" it.

    I found you through Twitter, you followed me recently. Yay. Your blog's really cute. I like the header photo.

  5. I can't believe you won -- woohoo!! You are going to look fabulous in it!

  6. I put that video on my facebook last week haha

  7. OMG, that is straight up adorable! Cute work clothes just make your day brighter at le work no?

  8. one of my friends posted that disney mean girls video too and it was awesome. i used to hate mean girls, but watched it a few months ago with a friend and loved it. who'da thunk?

    oh...and i just read your post about your reasons for not blogging lately and i say more power to you! way to get out there and live life. sometimes we all need a break from technology :).

    happy monday and hope you're getting some came out of hiding! yay for oregon sun!


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