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Feb 3, 2010

I have an embarrassing confession to make.
I am FASCINATED by Kanye West.

I think he's such an ...interesting/crazy/stupid/narcissistic... man.
I will admit I like some of his music.
But more than anything -- he appeals to the people watcher in me ... always wanting to know kind of crazy shenanigan or stupid comment he's going to pull next. 
(And he says some of the stupidest things known to man -- making me laugh at how truly ignorant one person can be.)

Well, I also LOVE stand-up comedy.
And after reading Morgan's blog today -- I checked out more of Aziz Ansari.
(I recognized him from Scrubs and Parks & Rec.)
And found these little GEMS.
I love his impression of his cousin. 

Makes me wanna go rent Funny People.
He also does a wicked impression of R.Kelly...which you can find on Morgan's blog today.

I hope all of your middle of the week Wednesdays went splendidly.


  1. Mine was terrible and amazing! Yes. I'm confusing.

  2. Oh my gosh, that's awesome.

    My Wednesday was awesome. 3 words: ice cream sundaes.

  3. gonna have to check out these videos later...when i'm not at a sucky work computer that doesn't have speakers. ugh! what the heck?

    also...totally try the dry shampoo. best thing that ever happened to me :). hope you love it too!


  4. New to your blog! Love it!

    Aziz is hilarious! Thank you so much for those links. I needed a good laugh.

    I think Kanye is a moron, but I do like some of his music.

  5. don't you love finding the coolest things about your favorite actors...especially how funny they are out of your favorite comedy! love it!

    thanks for following! I hope you win the giveaway!

  6. dude...i am loving aziz. and so funny i thought the same thing after i saw that interview...must see funny people!


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