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Feb 12, 2010

My grandparents are hysterical people. 
{I don't tell them often enough just how great they are.}
As I was looking through design blogs today, I was reminded of this fact.

My grandpa is a retired school teacher/administrator -- who just can't settle down. He's retired multiple times and now spends most of his time STILL WORKING. He is not one able to sit still. But is the most tender hearted man I've ever met.

My grandma, still writes for the local newspaper (let's be honest -- she IS the local newspaper). She watches, manages, and generally entertains SO many of the grandkids on a daily basis. She's a spitfire, that one.

Well a couple of years ago, after all the kids had moved out, they decided it was time for a revamp on the house. So they figured out what they were going to do with each room and started moving forward. When it came time to choose paint, that's where the shenanigans began. 

You see, my grandma is an extremely chipper person, the only one I know with an actual sing-song voice. And as a factor in her sunny personality -- her favorite color is yellow. She loves it. There is so much yellow in her house, it makes you instantly feel happier upon entrance.

Well, Grammy decided she wanted her kitchen {her domain} to be yellow. In her mind, the thought a pale yellow, maybe sunflower at most -- something to accent the light counter tops and just bring some pep into the room. Grandpa would have NONE of this. He said if you want yellow, you're getting yellow. So he ventured to the hardware store, picked out yellow paint, and covered the entire kitchen in this color:

Well, Grammy got her yellow kitchen.
And Grandpa proved his point. 

And that my friends, is how my Grammy ended up with a highlighter yellow kitchen.



  1. Wow. That is the exact color of the counter in our bathroom. Maybe we could send it to your grandma to use, hehe.

  2. I miss you. That color of sunshine yellow paint is you! Bright and full of vibrancy--highlighting all lives.


  3. I LOVE it! Your grandparents sound adorable, I want to visit them and their highlighter yellow kitchen.

  4. Oh my goodness, this made me smile! What a great're lucky to have such wonderful, fun grandparents!

    love your face.

  5. ha ha too funny! That's such a cute story!

  6. super cute! i love grandparents with a sense of sassy humor.

    hope you're enjoying your weekend. happy lovers day!

  7. awwww your grandparents sound adorable!

    heres a little blog love for you:


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