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Feb 15, 2010

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Music is SUCH a big part of me.
It's a HUGE part of my day, my mood, my life, my heart. 

Lyrics, melodies, beats ... all of it.
A song can conjure up memories, can induce heart pounding emotion, can make me smile, tear, laugh, or just plain rock out.
For me music connects me to the world, and connects people to me.
{In fact, musical passion is requisite for anyone wishing to share their life with me, i.e. boyfriends, future husband, etc.} 
I know I've discussed my passion for music before ... and likely will again.

I think we all have songs that are connected to a moment ... a time... a person ... a memory.
Heck, I have entire artists and albums that have these kinds of attachments. 
In some cases, they're WONDERFUL. In others, hearing the first few bars of that song can make my stomach turn. 

In High School on a retreat with some friends from church we were driving around Boston on the way back from the Museum of Art, my mom's friend Carrie (and my friend, too) told me and my high school BFF Holly all about this time she and her friend learned a song, playing it on repeat, so that every time they heard it the would think of that particular trip. So she decided to do the same thing with us. She picked Dixie Chicks' Cowboy Take Me Away ... and to this day, I have it on my iPod just to remind me of this trip and when I hear it ... I always think about driving past the opera house in Carrie's forest green Jeep Cherokee. 

In a different vein the song Big Casino by Jimmy Eat World almost instantly makes my stomach it reminds me of the worst boyfriend I've ever had. It was his ringtone on my phone and even now it haunts me. That boy almost ruined Jimmy for me -- but I decided not to give him that power ... and plus I love Jimmy way too much. 

Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis ... will forever remain attached to my dad ... and Megan. During my last summer in Utah, this song played on constant repeat on EVERY local radio station. And during a visit from my dad we would hear it ALL.THE.TIME. And each time it came on (and I'm not kidding) my dad would say, "Did you know Simon Cowell discovered her?" This has also led to quite the running joke in my family with Simon Cowell now inventing or discovering everything from electricity to global warming to love to ... well everything. 

Megan has SO many songs attached to SOOOO many memories (that's what happens when you're together for so long) including Damaged by Danity Kane, to Disturbia, to The Sounds. I can NEVER hear the sounds without thinking of Meg. She had them on repeat for like six months. 

Andante Festivo by Sibelius always makes me think of Josh. That kid has more musical talent, as well as discipline, in his fingernail than I could ever hope to possess. This always reminds me of the first concert I ever went to where he performed -- and I loved love loved this piece.

Jessica Simpson's AWFUL rendition on Take My Breath Away reminds me of my middle school/high school BFF, Holly. One night we listened to it screaming it at the top of our lungs out her open car windows. And it was late. And we live in a small town. I'm actually surprised that someone's parents didn't tell on us. Holly also gets Invisible by Clay Aiken -- because we did the most amazing INTERPRETIVE DANCE to it. Seriously. Senior showcase at church -- and Holly and I dressed up like morons to move around like even bigger morons. I just hope there's no tape of that anywhere in the free world. 

23 by Jimmy Eat World always makes me think of my trip to Disneyland. It was the song I woke up to when we hit Nevada and had to stop for gas. 

The Resolution by Jack's Mannequin was playing the first time I realized I finally felt at home in Eugene -- and that I wanted to be here. 

Kate Voegele's It's Only Life was on the radio as my mom and I drove through Portland when I was moving here. We were having an intense heart to heart about life, my move, me growing up, and everything. This song was the perfect score to that moment. It made us both tear up.

What songs make you think of people/places/moments in your life? 
I'd REALLY love to know.



  1. I totally know what you're talking about... I have so many songs like that too. And I think I'll do a post like this tomorrow! Thanks for the inspiration lady!

  2. Hands down, the Resolution (blog name derivation as well). That song made me realize I felt at home in Utah. And Hold Me Down by Motion City Soundtrack. It takes me back to late nights in MA driving around through the back roads with my best friend, Nate just for the heck of it.

  3. I'm not really a music person....
    Hmm, Apologize reminds me of the time I was at a concert and almost got into a fight.
    I can't think of others!

  4. I giggle and think of you every time I hear "Invisible." True story. And unlike you, I sort of wish there was a tape of that somewhere. It was one thing to experience it--it must have been something entirely different to watch it, haha.

    I also think of you whenever I hear "Don't Cry Out Loud," p.s. And "Hey Ya."

    I think of Sam whenever I hear something mushy and romantic and sweet, because that's how he makes me feel. :) And I think of my mom any time I hear something by Andrew Lloyd Webber. But mostly, songs make me think of characters I've written about or will write about. There's so much inspiration for stories in songs. :)


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