it's weekend update ... not with seth meyers ... or amy poehler

Feb 2, 2010

This weekend I:
  • Finished my SUPER COOL DIY frame project. Bought cheap frames, paint, laquer, and well -- transformed part of my wall. (Pictures to come) 
  • Took care of a sick boyfriend. Granted that mostly entailed letting him be and not bugging the ever living crap outta him (my words, not his). 
  • Bought Oceans 13 for FOUR DOLLARS. Yeah, suckers, deal finder here.  
  • Laughed HYSTERICALLY at my family's rendition of Facebook doppleganger week. 
    • One younger brother put up Kevin James (accurate). 
    • My mom put up Professor Trelawney from Harry Potter [movie form] (pretty accurate except the round glasses and frizzy hair -- but my mom is ringer for Julia Roberts but hates her so that's not gonna happen). 
    • My dad and his twin brother put EACH OTHER (classic!!) -- but then my dad put Jack Nicholson (pretty accurate without the creepfesto grin). 
    • And my other brother put up a Pokemon (hahahahahaha). 
    • (My 12 year old sister has no facebook -- but she looks like Mae Whitman.)
  • RIPPED not one, but TWO pairs of shoes. One pair of heels, one pair of flats. And the heels were only 3 months old and GORGEOUS. Now I need new plain black heels. 
  • Enjoyed the sun finally making an appearance in Oregon after a couple weeks of not seeing each other. 
  • Ate Chinese food for my second time since being in Eugene (excluding Panda Express). I love having someone in my life who knows all the good places in town.
  • Made french toast with the uber thick Texas Toast bread -- the only way to go. Yeah, brinner might be one of the best things on the entire planet.
  • Spent some serious time exploring Etsy and falling in love with SO many things.
  • Started making Valentine's day plans. WEIRD. (Good weird, but still.)
  • ROCKED a side pony in an actual classy fashion. 
  • Lost one of my (fake-o) pearl earrings under the machinery in the control room at work. Whoops! At least it wasn't one of my real ones. 
  • Found and ate a couple Cadbury's cream eggs -- which are even better than girl scout cookies. Freaking Cadbury's -- I'd eat them til I die.
  • OH! Boyfriend {I need to find a "nomer" for him on here} and I built a blanket fort and watched Food Network. HOLLA! 
  • Mocked Lady Gaga for pretty much just being Lady Gaga. She is a ridiculous no-talent wack job. Sorry if you like her and all, but she is so far away from being near my cup of tea she's like motor oil to my tea.
  • Decided to buckle down and finally figure out what/how to tumblr. It's on my Day Zero list. If you wanna find me over there -- it's seriously a hodge podge of randomness {kinda how I am in real life -- a whole lotta short attention span mixed with OOO Shiny and/or unique and fun!}. It's here.
  • Scammed on Harlem Globetrotters tickets. I'm going...I mean, we're going no matter what.
  • Babysat my favorite little non-related-to-me girls, Lexi and Kaya. Oh Lexi has the funniest things to say about life. She is a HOOT. And Kaya and I just share a special bond. They call me "Non." And always say "Love ooo Non," when I leave or when they do. I love them SO MUCH. 
  • Had the most VIVID and weird dream about having to escort Sarah Palin around Eugene and take her to blacklight mini golf & get her pizza. And in the end of the dream she was doing my hair into the standard Palin chignon. SERIOUSLY. And when I told boyfriend, all he had to say was "Hollllaaaa. She is one good lookin old lady." Oh yes. He's got a thing for her unless she's talking -- which is ALWAYS.
I hope you all had LOVELY weekends.
And that we all have FANTABULOUS sunshine and blue skies-filled weeks.


  1. Oh my gosh sounds like a crazy, fun weekend lady! I'm sorry about wrecking two pairs of shoes, though, that is absolutely no fun at all.

  2. How did you rip pretty shoes?!?!?

  3. Poooor shoes! :)

    Your family sounds hilarious!!

  4. Ha! your doppleganger family update is a hoot. My bf put morgan freeman as his...i was dying!

  5. Etsy is very dangerous for me. I could lose an afternoon to Etsy.

  6. I love how you refer to him as "Boyfriend." Very Gilmore Girls of you!


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