I Want Wednesday

Feb 24, 2010

So I'm doing this to make me happy.
{in any small way it can}

Lately I'm craving BETTER storage in my room for some of my clothes and odds and ends.
I can't seem to find exactly what I'm looking for though.
Here's the basic concept:

But I'd prefer if the shelves were black or white.
With these kinds of bins:

Both from Pottery Barn Teen.

I found these here. I LOVE them. 
Puzzle Pieces have a very very special meaning in my life -- so I've kind of become a connoisseur of puzzle piece paraphernalia. 
PLUS you can make a giant sandwich of a whole bunch of other ones!

And these shoes. I have a thing for Vans laceups lately. And I love love love love love those slip on flats at the bottom. And apparently I love the same colors for everything. Except the green and yellow ones -- totally belong to my growing duck pride.

Also, I need more cardigans.
I have a bunch of long ones -- I need some waist length ones, too.
I'm having a hard time finding ones I like.  Here are a few:

granted, the last one is a jacket ... but i LOVE it. 
three sweaters -- old navy. jacket -- shade clothing.

What do you want this Wednesday? 



  1. I want some cute black sandals to take with my on vacation. Everything seems to be gladiator style and I don't like that.

  2. wow, we are extremely similar in taste! i love your storage bin idea. i have actually looked at those pins on pbteen before. that sandwich puzzle this is genius! vans are awesome. i love my slip on vans. does that make me lazy? lol. i love love love cardigans! obsessed. i would wear one every day if i could afford to.

  3. I want that green cardigan. And that puzzle piece sandwich cutter that cuts it in two pieces. Nice finds!

  4. ok, those puzzle piece sandwich cutters? BRILLIANT. I want them now.

  5. I'm loving these (especially the storage idea). I'm hardcore needing this right now, but I'm trying to hold off until I've lost a bit of weight first. http://modcloth.com/store/ModCloth/Womens/Swimwear/Beach+Blanket+Bingo+Suit+Plus+Size

  6. PB Teen is such a fab decorating resource. Who would have known? I'm loving my new Starbucks GIANT mug that I got in NYC. What can I say? It's the simple things right? Hope things are looking cheerier for you lady!

  7. i have a love-hate relationship with organizing. but i hate clutter more! good luck finding the right bins, etc.

  8. Every last thing here! Especially the shoes... LOVE the shoes!

  9. i have tons of cardigans. my current fave is from urban outfitters....but a girl never can have too many :).

    oh...and i heart lace-up vans. although i'd have to vote against the yellow and green ones, but that's just because i'm an OSU alumn :). those vans flats are super cute. i wore a pair of white ones at my wedding!

    hope you had a good weekend.




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