att should pay ME for how much i use my phone.

Feb 18, 2010

My phone is named Maurice.
He's cute, slidy, easy to use
{hence being named after a Frenchman}

Sometimes we are the best of friends and he performs at optimal level. 
Sometimes he wants to ruin my life, my plans, and/or relationships. 

See, my little Propel, well he's talented, I'll give him that. He pulls tricks I've never had a phone pull.

He tells the future.
No seriously.
He's supposed to be linked to some big major clock ... and so sometimes when my clock says 8:35 (for instance), I'll receive a text message saying it was sent at 8:36 or 8:37.
He apparently just knows what people texting me are going to say -- and says it for them, labeling the message from them.

Maurice throws his voice.
Sometimes just before getting a text (I'm a recovering textaholic) it'll make a phantom noise that sounds like it's coming from the other side of the room ... and then he'll ding the message in wherever he actually is. 

Sometimes he gets just way too tired to be used, even though he was operating just moments before -- and decides to cease service, or delay my messages for hours. Yeah, hours. 

I've never been super lucky with phones ... and for the most part I really do like this one.
And I LOVE that I have the ability to talk to my family and friends at any given time -- I just wish my phone wasn't full of dark magic ... or so much attitude.

But! My sister did send me a message earlier and all it said was: 
"my sister is a noodle. 1:50pm"

And that is one of the many reasons I'm so grateful for modern communication and the chance I have to keep in touch so easily.

I hope you're having a GREAT day.


  1. At least your phone is cute! I have my husband's old Blackberry because I dropped my phone in a bucket of water. I call my phone The Brick. Because that's what it looks like.


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