all the single ladies...

Feb 19, 2010

Being single drives a lot of people crazy.

For me, it was always just fairly normal as I was hard pressed to find someone who didn't annoy the freaking crap outta me.
But anyway... 
These are two ladies who CRACK ME THE FREAK UP in their quest to find men.

Just a warning note ... this is COMPLETELY REAL. Which I thinks makes it even sadder.
And her laugh -- that would make me run away quicker than anything.

As for this girl, she is so desperate to get her man back she employs her secret weapon:
She scares the crap outta me because she's filming, driving, smiling, lipsticking ALL AT ONCE. 

What, my friends, is cracking you up today? 
Got any good stories?



  1. Oh wow, lol. That's awesome.

    My dog chasing his tail totally cracks me up. He's crazy!

  2. Oh MY! The last women is a bit scary, all she needs is to be twitter-ing.

  3. Oh MY! The last women is a bit scary, all she needs is to be twitter-ing.

  4. oh lord! they both scare me. the last lady more then the first. even though the first likes to get it on to nine inch nails, lol.

  5. Trenita wants to commit a cool white-color crime.. cause you hafta be smart to do that kinda stuff! Oh man. I had to stop watchin the second one once it got to the "I use my bra to get back my skeevy cheatin boyfriend and oh, I can't speak real words" part. Are these people real? I saw your little brother in the wilk the other day and we stopped to look at your blog for fun. THis means you're life is worthy of a recreational visit. Like people read about it on purpose to make their own lives better. You rock woman.

  6. Oh my gosh! I almost just peed my pants! That second lady is something else!

  7. DUDE, I about lost it. That chick needs to be on SNL. That CANNOT be real. Ladies take note...the mens can't resist dirty koolaid hair and crusty crust pouts. Ah ha ha ha

  8. Haha Kevin and I just watched the first one... Yeah. I laughed so hard. Her facial expressions! What the?

  9. hahahahahaha the first one is HILARIOUS! that! the second one is just pretty sad. love you Siovhan!

  10. hahahahahhaa the first lady is my favorite lady ever! WOWZERS. hilarious! the second lady...not so hilarious. i'm scared to drive knowing that she's on the road.

  11. Push-up bra reminds me of something that Tyler Perry would have used in one of his films. Piece of work...peace and blessings, peace and blessings....


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