you'll always be a part of me ... i'm part of you indefinitely

Jan 31, 2010

as we snuggled i told you a story.
it's a story you know all too well.
a story you, in fact, were part of.
a moment, a story, an event all too familiar for both of us.
it was not the first, it was not the last, but i will say ... it was important.
a catalyst, maybe, to we.

it all began with a phone call.
the funny thing, the phone call wasn't even to you.
i must back up a little further -- my cell phone gets really bad reception at my house.
{you know this.}
so often i have to head out of my home ...and camp out in my car to have a conversation.
well, back to the story.
my megan called me... and so i HAD to talk to her.
{sneaking in time for the two of us to talk is beyond rare. we're busy.}
so i traveled over to the mall parking lot, parked my car under a light, and had a LONG conversation.

but during this conversation ... i was still texting you.
talking to you was just as important as talking to megan.
that should have been a big indication to me of how much i liked you -- even back then.
anyway. well, we both know it was, in all seriousness, way too late for me to be out there like i was.
by the time our phone call ended it was just after 2 am.
and it was just after that that i realized -- oh no. my battery is DEAD.

so here i am... a 5'2" little blonde girl, parked in the mall parking lot at 2:30 in the morning.
all the freak alone.
sitting in my car panicking, calling my roommate.
i freak out some 30 minutes more. 
i succumb to one of my biggest issues--asking for help.
i text you ... "wanna hear a funny story? my battery is dead. and i'm at vrc by myself."
okay ... so i didn't exactly ask for help.
you text back, "are you okay? do you need help?"
"yes. i really hate bugging you. i'm so stupid."

you hurry and grab your mom's huge car.
you rush to help me.

i lie to the the mall security guard,
"my boyfriend is coming to rescue me. no worries."
or maybe i just told the future.
you open your door ... get out of your car... take one look at me and you laugh. 
at me. as i stand there sheepishly and taken aback.
"shut up!"
you continue chuckling.
i hang my head in embarrassment.
you stop laughing, but continue smiling as you walk over to me and say:
"can i hug you?"
i don't think i even looked at you -- i was so embarrassed -- but i nodded.
you wrapped your arms around me and just held me.
and that's when i knew.
"oh girl, you are in TROUBLE," my mind said to me.
i told it the same thing i told you, "shut up."

as we snuggled and i mentioned the hugging you said,
"yeah you held on for a while."
all i can say is -- i felt safe.
you were there to rescue me.
you continually do.
from the 0'dark'30 rescue ... to the popsicles ... to driving me home in the freezing rain... to the entire night when i was sick that you slept on my bedroom floor -- just so i wasn't alone and so you could take care of me.

the next morning my roommate found me on the couch ... grinning like an idiot.
"i did something stupid."
"oh no. what did you do."
"i left at 1 to go talk to megan....and my car battery died. and i got stranded. at the mall. at 3 am."
her eyes got wide.
"so i had that boy come rescue me."
"oh girl ... you have to it bad."
"shut up. do not."

and there i sat.
looking at the words on my phone:
"You really are so cute. Making me play here at 0'dark'30. Haha. Jk just glad to help."
grinning from ear to ear.
and I knew ... oh dear.
girl, you are in trouble.

and it's the best trouble of my life. 

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