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Jan 19, 2010

I told you to ask me anything -- and a few of you totally did. So here ya go. 
You asked, I answered -- honestly.

My lovely friend Klaw asked:
Bud light or Miller Lite? 
Actually, my lovely KLaw, I don't drink ... so um, neither?

Ryan Reynolds or Brad Pitt? 
As far as the Ryan Reynolds, Brad Pitt question .. that's a toughie. SERIOUSLY.
First we have to look past the fact that they're both married/practically-married to completely skanky ladies.
Then, if we're going based SOLELY on looks -- I  still have a hard time. Because Ryan Reynold's abs > Brad's. But I've had a thing for Brad for longer (like think Meet Joe Black). But overall I love the boyish charm of Ryan Reynolds. But I think I gotta go Brad. It's a long standing love. And dude I could watch him play Rusty in Oceans 11/12/13 til kingdom come.

Will you be my friend?
And will I be your friend?! DUDE. FOR-EV-ER.
p.s. if you're ever bored -- hit me up g-chat style. I'm practically always on. 

Melissa (who i envy for her AMAZING artistic talent) asked: 
What book is your favorite and what about it make it so?
Oh dear. Um. Honestly, I think I have a different favorite book depending on what mood I'm in.
In High School (actually, still) I was enamored with Faulker's The Sound and the Fury because it was the first book to truly force me to think abstractly, and then change, and then go back -- all done brilliantly.
But if we're talking a long-standing love...I think it's got to be Little Women. I identify so much with Jo and every time I read it, I feel like I'm at home in that book. Like just like there's a place for Jo -- there's a place for Siovhan. I don't have to be the richest, or the prettiest, the most fashionable, educated or ordinary -- I can just be me and there will be a place I belong.

Krysten (the lovely newlywed and funny lady) asked: 
When's the last time you laughed so hard your stomach hurt?
Um,  not too, too recently. But there was a time a couple of weeks ago where boyfriend and I sat on the couch talking football, which led to other talk, which eventually led to a tickle-fight -- and I don't think I stopped laughing all throughout the entire night. We both laughed so hard all night by the end of the evening I think we were both in stitches

Do you prefer cats or dogs (or both)?
I love them both! I love the companionship of dogs and just how friendly and accepting they are. But I also like the low-maintenance, and independence of cats. They do their own thing and when they want know.  

If you could go ANYWHERE in the world RIGHT NOW all expenses paid where would it be?
Australia. Or Tahiti. I would LOVE to go to Sydney and explore the Great Barrier Reef and go to Bondi beach and just explore. Or just head to a Tahitian villa right on the water -- and relax and never answer my phone again.  

Which celeb are you crushing on right now?
I thought long and hard about this one. My current celeb crush is Jim Parsons who plays Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory.
Geek chic, my friend. For real. And the more interviews I see him in--he is just adorably awkward and seems like someone you can really relate to. Plus I heart nerds.
(One of my favorite scenes is included on THIS page ... and then Jim explains more after.)

Lauren (my fellow oregon resident) asked:
What is your favorite thing about Oregon?
I love that it's SO green and there are so many trees, yet the ocean is so close, and I still get to see snow -- but minimally. And I love that people are so friendly.

Favorite thing about Eugene? 
I love that it's Big but not a huge city, and that it's a college town -- there's always something going on and a game or event to hit up.

What's something you do when you think nobody is watching?
What do I do when I think no one is Probably a lot of things I don't consciously think about. Dude, I fix my bra ALL THE TIME when I think people aren't looking. Move straps, push down wire, pull the back down -- you can count on that one, pretty much. I have a hefty set of ladies ... so I adjust a lot. Woh Wohh. Hahah. I think I also spend a lot of time running my hands through my hair. No joke. And now I sound like a complete bimbo. Whoops. I promise I'm not! Ha!!

Mandy (who I think is my long, lost soulmate) asked: 
Tell me if you have ever been in love. And how it felt.
Once upon a time, I thought I was in love. I cared so much for a boy who had no respect and no real regard for me. I was too blind to see this was not love and what I felt was more dependence and fear than anything else. Now, you need to know that to know that the only time I think I've truly been "in love" is with my current boy. He is respectful, and caring, attentive, kind and loyal, and I care more about his happiness than anything else -- including my own. It's been quick, but I know I love this kid. He's the first thing I think about in the morning and the last thing I think about before I go to bed. And I wouldn't change any of it for the world. {At the risk of sounding mushier--and it's totally mushy...} For someone who was so lonely, and so stubborn, and so lost for so long -- he feels like home. When he holds me, I feel like nothing could ever be wrong, that I'm safe, and that nothing could ever hurt me -- because he's there to take care of me.
End mushiness.

(my red sox widow ...soon to be red sox mama) asked: 
so... dish us about your boy toy!! thats what I want to know about!!! wanna know about my boy. Well...I have yet to decide exactly how to refer to him on here ... so uh.. yeah. Anyway. Let's see, he's about 6'2, has light brown hair and gorgeous blue/gray eyes. We met, ironically, at work. But we didn't really start talking until my car got stolen. I was pretty sure up to that point that he hadn't ever noticed me, especially as a real girl (i'm a real boy! haha.). Well, when my car got stolen he was so so sweet telling me he'd drive me to work, or for errands, or anything. So the next day I gave him my number, we started talking, he rescued me one night after I got my car back and the battery died, we hiked, we movied, we snuggled and then one thing led to another and we became ...we.
(Anything else you wanna know, Ruth, darlin?)

Kristin (who is SO sweet and has infallible style) asked: 
Are you living out your dreams right now?
It's funny that you ask that. Many of them, yes, and now I'm adjusting them and deciding on new dreams. I dreamed of being a broadcast journalist for years and years and years ... and now I wonder if I'd be better suited as a PR rep or a Marketing rep or on the print side of things. I'm still not completely decided -- but it is kind of exciting to know I've pushed myself to do exactly what I wanted/dreamed about for so long...and now I get to pick where it goes from here. As for everything else, I dreamed I'd be a little more successful and taller (ha!) but I'm living out most of my dreams. And as far as the love department goes -- with this guy ... it's for sure a dream come true.

Mayra (my little spitfire chiquita) asked: 
uhhhh...who was your first crush?
Ha. Mayra -- I'm with you. Normally I totally blank when someone tells me to ask them anything. 
My first crush was Michael George. His mom was one of my mom's best friends -- and he was a little blonde adonis in my 5 year old eyes. We would play Ninja Turtles and baseball and just about everything together. We were the best of friends -- and I thought he was wonderful. Then, somewhere along the way, he got cooties.

So there you have it.


  1. ahhhhhh!!! that.... is .... so .... FREAKING CUTE!!!! LOVE it. I am going to tell Drew all about it. And I am thinking of adopting "Red Sox Mama" as my new blog title post-baby dowling... its just too cute to pass up! keep blogging, baby, i love it! (and PS i cant believe your man is taller than mine!!! thats awesome!!)

    but i am sure i can think of more questions later.

    oh, and drew wants to know when the heck you're getting married. what a nerd. :)

  2. This was... maybe my favorite blog post in so long. Thanks for answering my question.

    And yes, I do think we are long-lost soulmates.

  3. YAY! fun fun! klaw's question is such a klaw question. haha.

    thanks for answering my poor excuse of an interesting questions with a very interesting answer. i think my first crush got cooties too.

  4. OH MY GOSH! I LOVE that you LOVE Big Bang Theory! Its one of my favorite shows! I could watch that clip over and over...its hilarious!!

  5. I saw that angry hookwer with ugly shoes and bad lipstick and a dark pink thong, half way up her back...and sixty something years old! It was a nightmare in the daytime! Life can't ever be THAT bad...can it? Woooahhh!

  6. LOVED your answer. You've inspired me lady!


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