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Jan 10, 2010

I'm still working loads (6 days a week) and we've been training some new staff/new positions ... so my brain has been mush lately.
Hence the blogging hiatus. Real life gets in the way.

This weekend I may {or may not} have: 

*eaten one of the most glorious sandwiches known to man -- surrounded by people i love.
*eaten ice cream outside in 40 degree weather.
*finally cleaned my room ... honestly it was becoming a clothes burial ground. but now my closet is back to it's normal color, sleeve-length ocd-ish self.
*watched a former coworker sing Elton John's Rocket Man as karaoke ... like it was a real performance. power fist and all.
*put my wet hair in pig tails ... and kinda ended up looking like a little blonde cocker spaniel when it dried all wavy and big.
*slept with a teddy bear because i was homesick and lonely. 
*worn soooo many headbands. brandi and her girls got me a bunch of pretty new ones for christmas. and i love that they all have bows.
*rocked out with bonnie as she chauffeured my tired and cranky butt to run errands and hang out together.
*played old school backstreet boys, 98 degrees, nsync, and LFO in the apartment while bonnie and i relived that piece of our adolesence.
*changed shows at work and get to actually interact with reporters again.
*worn my new awesome shoes i got on RIDICULOUS sale. $99 shoes for $20?! heck to the freaking yes.
*bought new underwear after i totally broke a pair ... at work. honest to goodness. i was so embarrassed.
*showed bonnie the lovely world of colorful delicates.
*snuggled. and smiled a lot.
*listened to the mustache rap for like the 90 billionth time.
*had the weirdest series of dreams involving (but not limited to) test tube babies, sheldon from big bang theory, michael cera, brad pitt (and not even in the good way), secret missions, dinosaur grilled cheese, a volcanic erruption, and cute boyfriend.
*discovered an adorable boutique right by my house ... that i want to have a huge shopping spree at. the stuff in there is completely adorable.
*gone to this really awesome hot tub and spent some quality time relaxing and enjoying life.
*finished catching up on big bang theory ... i'm completely and totally in love.
*enjoyed my time not spent at my desk.

i hope you all had lovely weekends.


  1. Loooove headbands with bows. I'm sorry your brain is mush =-( Hopefully you'll be able to unmush it soon!

  2. God Must Have Spent a Little More Tim on You, Summer Girl, to know Backstreet's Back, Alright? That's why I Do (Cherish You).

    P.S. I'm lame.

  3. oh you poor thing....6 days a week?! i gasp at the thought! least you surrounded yourself with awesome 90's boy bands. LFO girl on tv song = LOVE.

  4. Wanna feel better about your teddy? I still sleep with a blankie. Yup. 31 and going strong. Ah ha ha

  5. I am also in love... with Sheldon. SWOON!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. so sweet to be surrounded by people you love and sharing a meal!! :) ...err sandwiches ;)


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