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Jan 14, 2010

So I think part of my staggered blogging is due in part to work ... the other is the fact that I just plain don't know what to write about, lately.
There's only so many times you can have a "Weekend Update" about how you worked all day one day, went to church the next, slept, and pretty much just spent the rest of the time sitting on the couch watching Food Network with your boyfriend.

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But as I walked around my apartment last night debating what to make for dinner (at 9:30) I realized:

I am a a big quirky mess. 

I was walking around thinking about a whole bunch of completely random stuff. 
So here are some random thoughts from my tiny little head... or just random facts about me.

I have curly hair...but the only times I really appreciate it are when it's wet outside or when I slept too late -- mousse, scrunch, spray and go is such an easy routine. Like this morning. But one big thing is I have a TON of hair, so when it doesn't want to cooperate -- there is no taming it, it just ends up as this massive, curly mane.
I love pineapple. I will eat it until I get that painful too-much-acidy feeling on my tongue ...and sometimes even after that. Why do you get that feeling, anyway?!

If you're my facebook friend -- you know this one.
I wish Bobby Flay and Paula Dean would get married and adopt me. Not that I'm unsatisfied with my own family -- exactly the opposite. But I'm selfish and think that you would just eat all the most amazing food EVER. OR! They could just use both of their DNA and create a like clone them ... but in one body -- and then that person can be my best friend. Mmmm. Even better idea.

I hate grownup bedroom sets that are beige with a side of beige with beige accents. Why does "grown-up" mean no color pallete?! My room will always have bright colors. Even when I'm old and married and have children and am 45. My deathbed will be sunflower yellow ... because I refuse to leave this world in beige. Seriously -- I give my support to any decorating company that adds actual color (beyond beige, maroon, and lilac) to their bedding merchandise.

I have bottle caps all over my desk. But only Coca-Cola company ones. I save them up and then spend like an hour entering codes into the My Coke Rewards program thing. I've gotten 3 free Blockbuster rentals, 2 free cokes, and a magazine subscription from it. I say, not too shabby.

I don't understand why salon shampoo is so expensive. Or why using it is such a big deal. Yes, I believe taking care of yourself is important. Yes, I love a good hair day. But seriously? $40+ for Shampoo and Conditioner?! Honestly, my hair being that "well taken care of" is not going to solve world hunger, get me that promotion, make a nice guy ask me out, or solve all my woes. In fact, it'll probably add bigger woes to my budget. That being said, I still love the way Biolage smells.

I am generally a clean lines person in regards with tableware. My dishes are either plain colored (red), red with colored lines around the edges, plain white with broad edges, or white with black and red squares on them. My silverware are all plain lines, square at the bottom ... not rounded. Except for the set I inherited from my great-grandpa ... all of those have sunflowers on them. They're cute.

I was drinking and Izze apple soda and consciously thought, "This is SO not as good as Apple Tango." This is a really weird thought because I haven't had Apple Tango since I was 17. It's a British soda and the last time I had it was on my last trip to England. The even worse part? I seriously think about that soda way more than I should. The only relatively okay substitute I've found is Jones Green Apple soda -- but even that's not as good. I need to figure out how to have it sent to me.

I was told, again, last week, for the second time in my life, "Siovhan, you are so quiet. You need to talk more." This to the girl who lived half of elementary school segregated from her classmates because she loved socializing too much. I think, mildly, that it's because I'm afraid of saying something wrong and getting in trouble or because probably 80% of the time I have nothing to add to the conversations that go on around me.

I think there are so many car accidents because people are overworked and overstressed. If people were allowed more free time, fewer ridiculous demands, and if managers had a little compassion there would be fewer people so distracted, destroyed, exhausted -- and then accidentally killing people.

The older I get the more I think Little Women may be my favorite book. It's certainly not the most intellectual book I've ever read, nor the one that stretched my thoughts of the world the most -- but it is among the most honest and sincere things I've ever read. I love it. I can read it over and over again and not get tired of it. And no matter how many times I read it, or what your debate for the ending is ... I always have/do/will believe that Jo should have ended up with Laurie. 

I found this site today: Letters to Crushes and I'm insanely jealous I didn't think of it. It's an endearing, heartfelt, and amazing site.

Told you I was a crazy and quirky mess.

I hope you're all having a lovely Thursday.
We're supposed to see some sun in Oregon -- and I couldn't be more excited.


  1. great post! i totally agree with you about the car accidents (and clean lines in tableware, to be honest). people need a serious break. i think that every day on the turnpike. i watch people scream on their headsets and try to outrun each other and it's just too, too stressful.

    your post reminded me of my post from yesterday, "wandering wednesday" feel free to check it out if you like!

  2. Hi Siovhan!

    I pretty much agree with everything you just wrote about.

    I've always wanted to have a big bed with a canopy thing over head so I could string white Christmas lights. Wouldn't that be romantic and SO much cooler than a boring adult bed? Maybe one day. Not sure what the hubby would think, though, since he vetoed purple sheets.

  3. I am with you about Little Women--about it being one of my favorite books, and the fact that Jo and Laurie were meant for each together. :)

    P.S. I love your quirks. They're what make you the awesome Siovhan you are!

  4. this post is amazing. i had so much fun reading all of your crazy little quirks.

    i know what you mean about the apple soda. there's a grapefruit(ish) flavor of fanta that we had when we were in kenya and it was my FAVE, but they don't make it here. sad day :(. nothing compares....

    and i'm definitely going to have to check out that letters to crushes site.

    and i'm also definitely going to have to follow your blog... i saw it awhile ago, and then it got tabbed in my favorites and then forgotten...i'm real bad about that. now i won't forget you again :).

  5. what I want to know is why grown-up bed sets always have 500 lbs of frills and lace and garbage and then 70 pillows that don't match each other. color or otherwise. Who thought that would sell?!


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