the best high calorie coma...

Jan 29, 2010

it's girl scout cookie time.
those little devils that come in little brow cotton skirts...and take all my money and good eating hard work.
so far, i haven't given in.
heck, i haven't even found any of them, yet.

likely i'll stumble upon them soon. likely it'll be in front of costco and i'll walk in forgetting all the stuff i need, and walk away with a box of thin mints and 12 boxes of samoas.

see, samoas and i have a thing goin on.
greater than my thing with thin mints, or tagalongs, do-si-dos, or especially those stupid trefoils.
no, samoas and i have a history.
a long, sordid history -- that culminated in one horrible event. 

you see once upon a time, i used to go to college in utah. so one night, after a particularly rough week and a lot of talking to megan and having dance parties homework and intensive study ... i got a late night craving for some samoas. the girl scouts were long gone ... but i remembered that edy's/dreyer's made a girl scout cookie ice cream -- and that there was DEFINITELY a samoa version.

so i saddled up, i mean put on some real pants and my flip flops and decided to venture out to find said ice cream. luckily, i lived 2-5 minutes away from 4 different grocery stores. so i knew i'd be fine. i head off to the first store, roam the frozen treats aisle -- nothing. no problem, i head out to the second store, employ the same search -- again, no reward. at the next two stores -- same search, same result. at this point i was going NUTS. i HAD to have samoas and i had to have them at that point.

three more stores in the neighboring city and i gave up my quest.
no samoas.
then i get home, tell my roommates, and the one complains that she had the same problem just two days before, but with thin mint ice cream -- so she had to buy samoa.

so, i went back to the store, bought some thin mint ice cream, we traded and all was well.
and thus, you see, that samoas and i have a little somethin, something between us. 

here's to hoping you can find YOUR favorite cookies.


  1. mmmm....samoas...drool.

    This year I bought them. Then a spent a few days eating them and only them.

    I understand.

  2. Whoa lady! You ain't kidding! Well i wish you a long happy life together. Haha. But make sure those somoas treat you right!

  3. ahhh i told Drew I only bought one box of samoas.. truth is I only bought him one box... and two for me!! I love samoas and tagalogs :p who cares about good eating when its girl scout season?! i only have 28 days till i get my cookies mmm so i may have to go buy some of that ice cream to tide me over...

  4. that samoa ice cream is SO GOOD. love it love it love it.

  5. I'm forgoing the Samoas this year. Wahhhhhhh. Bridesmaid dress time in 2 wks. Ahhhhhhhh

  6. I'm a Tagalong kind of girl. sigh

  7. girl scout cookie season is my favorite ♥.

    oh...and another fave...that super cute post (above) about your sweet bf. it made me smile :).


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