anywhere i go you go, my dear

Jan 28, 2010


This is my favorite love poem {thus far in life}. I think it's so simple, and so sweet.

I carry your heart(i carry it in my heart)
I am never without it.

Such a great thought -- that you carry those you love with you.
I totally believe it. I definitely carry all my loves with me.
And because I love it so much, I get obsessed with love things displaying these lovely words or created because of the sentiment.
Like these Etsy finds.

This may be my favorite. It, too, is so simple and so pretty.
And all of AnoriginalJewelry's other stuff is AMAZING. So cute and so original.

This frame is SO cute for a picture of you and your honey.
Find it in Nestling's shop.

I love handstamped and engraved jewelry -- which lends itself well to this poem.

I love the tiny heart.
Find it in the PangaeaDesigns shop.

Cute little ring. I love that the outside says "I carry your heart." And the inside says "I carry it in my heart."
Found at Pocket Full of Poesy's shop.
There are a ton of rings here with great quotes. I LOVE this Alice in Wonderland one here.

This shop has tons of cute stuff, too!!
{In fact, there's a set of xoxo earrings here, I'm dying over}
Just head to Eclectic Wendy Designs.

As far as home decor goes -- these vinyl letters are delightful. And this shop is FULL of them.

I hope you love some of these things as much as I do.
It's a small big wonder that etsy doesn't own me by now.
i carry your heart.


  1. Oh I love all those pretty things! Making me feel all mushy inside!

  2. oh wow, that is one of my FAVORITE poemS, too, and i absolutely adore the etsy finds you posted! i am definitely going to have to pick up that frame and the ring! :) thanks for sharing them!!

  3. what a cute collection of hearts! love it!!!

    and it's perfect for the upcoming month of LURVE ;)

  4. It's my fav. too! I simply love it. And I'm in lurrrve with that ring.


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