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Dec 31, 2009

2009 has been a long year.
Not all good. Not all bad.
But chock full of experience, that's for dang sure.

So I decided to relive the good parts of my year through the sparse amount of pictures I actually took.
Here we go.

I spent my New Years Eve with friends of mine from my church playing lasertag, dancing, doing some karaoke and having a great time.

I took my first trip to Seattle ... and loved it.
That city has got to be one of the most unique, fun, and idiosyncratic places in the world...and I love it.

And there was a whirlwind trip to Provo for one of my best friends' wedding receptions. During that time Megan and I got to spend some quality time together. Obv.

The only thing I had pictures of was the skating outing some of my friends and I took. Obviously, I'm not fantastic -- but I can stay up without falling over.


This was the month I went to the coast EVERY weekend. This is just one of the trips -- but I is the trip I fulfilled my dream of finding an entire whole sand-dollar. His name is Clarence and I love him.

My mom and my sister visited all the way from Massachusetts. Cross the whole country.

So I took them to the coast -- because we all love the ocean.
Even in May it was FREEZING. But we had so much fun!

I took my mom to the Portland temple.

In May my close friends and I made our first (for some) excursion into camping on the Oregon coast. It was COLD! {And apparently those muffins are really funny...}

This is Bonnie and I in the tent we shared with 3 19 year was a loud and long night.

I started to learn to wake-surf AND wake-board. I had never done ANYTHING behind a water skiing, nothing. Only tubing. And I got up on the board and even surfed for a bit on my first time!

This is Heather and I on her dad's boat.

I spent 4th of July with my 3 year old "boyfriend" Gavin. He loves me. We BBQ-ed, played ping pong and dinosaurs, made s'mores and watched fireworks together.

I also took my first vacation on the job. This is my mother and I, in Nauvoo, where her humor makes me nearly collapse in a furvor of giggles and happiness. My family IS my heart.

Coming across Iowa we found one of my favorite things -- fake mustaches.
In a coin machine. At a truck stop. So I HADDDDDD to have them. We had so much fun with them -- wearing them through much of the rest of our travels.

This is all of us, minus dad who's taking the picture, underneath the arch. It's one of my favorite pictures of my family.

Bonnie and I went to see Jack's Mannequin and The Fray in Portland.

Went to the Umpqua Valley Wine festival with friends of mine from work. This is Gia; isn't she gorgeous?!

My Megan came to visit and we got quality time, tie dyed, and took TONS of pictures.

Had our first experience with VooDoo donuts. The VooDoo man is chocolate covered and raspberry filled on the inside. Plus he's all voodoo-ed. Awesome.

Visited my brother (and childhood friends) in Utah for General Conference.

Hung out with my Eug Family while the kids were on fall break.

Celebrated Halloween post-swine flu.

Oh and added a hottie boyfriend to my life.
Best part of October.

Dyed my hair dark-er.

Learned to make a little of my own fun while at work.


Pinata-ed at Heather's 22nd Princess birthday party.

Bought an I Love My Ducks shirt -- to celebrate the Ducks going to the Rose Bowl.

All in all 2009 was eh. 
I'm real excited for 2010. 
Some come on over, Oh-10 ...  my, you're looking fine. Have you lost weight? 
Pssssssttt... come on over, I'm ready and excited for you.


  1. You have theeee BEST smile!! Love all the pictures.

    2009, PEACE OUT! 2010 is so fresh and so clean clean! LOVE IT!

    Happy New Year honey!

  2. Well I think it looks like you had a pretty good year! Here's to 2010 being even better!

  3. Such a cute idea! Even if 09 was eh, it looked like fun to me! I wish you all the best in the new year! :)

  4. Loved your recap! Happy New Year's, lady!

    ps. I have been a real terrible friend of late, forgive me! Let's catch year? Ha :)

  5. 2009: The Year of the Moustache! That was a great, short chronological journey through your year.

  6. GO BUCKEYES!!!! sorry but we shall have to see your oregon ducks go DOWN THE DRAIN!!! :) It will be a fun game. i heart the rose bowl.

  7. The pictures look great! lookslike you have an amazing year, I wanna try wake surf ( is that what it called? ), I hope I wont get injured.

  8. Yayers for the Seattle shoutout!!! Coolest public market ever!

  9. Love it, love it, love it. Lola and I will be in Eugene in February, so we may have to arrange a little lunch date.

  10. I loved your pictures! So cute! They're making me miss Oregon though :( I'm so jealous you're there! I also love that you wrote obv - is that for obvious? if so, love it. If it's for something else, I"m not that smart..


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