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Dec 16, 2009

I've been absent.

But, it's for a good reason, I promise.
{It's not even my funk.}

Apparently the fates heard about my whining -- and decided to give me something real to whine about.

My back totally went out.
Yes, I'm 23. And it makes me sound like I'm 90. And we {the doc and I} still don't know how it happened.
There was no accident, no grand stunt, no serious fall -- nothin.

It just went out.
So three days, 3498u304957 Advil, a trip to the chiropractor and some serious NON SLEEPING (freak that, seriously) later ... here I am.
{This is the day I wish I had a morphine drip at my bed.}

So I apologize in advance (and for this weekend's) for a lack of comments, love and general updateage on the blogosphere. I head back to work tomorrow, then on Thursday to another chiropractor appointment (to check out my X-rays and see how much "progress" my pain has made). Then we'll know what's going on.

So until I can sit for an hour without writhing in pain... or have caught up on stuff at work (nice thing about TV, not a lot of "leftover" work from days you've missed) ... I think I might be absent a little longer. I do apologize.

And the best/worst/funny part is I have things to update you on like: work party, getting/decorating christmas tree, friends back in town, new positions at work ... but this will have to wait a little.


(On the upside though, cute boyfriend has been, literally, at my beck and call and has taken beyond good care of me. This is a quality one, my friends.)


  1. Goo! Not much worse than that. I'm sorry :( Feel better!

  2. Damn Fates and the shit the pour on people. It sound like you're in good hands, hope you back get better soon.

  3. new "positions," eh??

    Sorry. I know Drew would have made a filthy comment like that, especially since you now have a BOY FRIEND!!!

    hope you feel better <3 <3

  4. oh no!! you poor girl!!!
    i hope your bakc is doing better soon hun! glad your bf has been there for you :)

  5. I just had to comment on this one! THIS SAME EXACT THING happened to me when I was 23 too!! OMG! Everything you described was the exact same too! I didn't do anything strenuous or suffer any injury when all of a sudden, I was laid out, unable to move at all! It was the worst pain ever and I couldn't move for a whole 7 days.

    It ended up being a pulled sciatic nerve and swelling of the muscles around the nerves.

    I totally feel your pain! I hope you get better soon :)

  6. Oh my gosh you poor thing! Feel better soon!


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