don't worry, be happy...

Dec 7, 2009

The end of my work week last week was ... horrid.
Like, unbearably so.
{Thankfully, my weekend was good fantastic.}
And today has been rocky as well. 

And because I'm still at work ... instead of on some fabulous vacation... and because I am sick of dwelling on my epically bad mood, I'm going to focus on something{s} happier.


Happiness is:

*warm fleece pants on a freezing cold day.
*finding the exact right hair accessory for your outfit.
*a good hair day -- complete with a cute little braid.
*the plaid scarf i love.
*star filled skies -- they look so pretty and make me so happy. 
*a cute boy telling me he is/was/will be happy to see me.
*a va va va voom cocktail dress for an upcoming holiday party.
{and for a great deal!!}
*this LOVELY etsy shop. seriously--etsy is like my interior design crack.
{i want the no ballyhoo one. SO good!}
*sitting at my desk in my slippers--because it's 35 degrees INSIDE my building.
*my "hobo gloves" to help keep my fingers warm while i write 2 newscasts. 
*free money from sephora ... because i'm a frequent shopper. LOVELOVELOVE.
*my plans to build a gingerbread house. aww yeah.
*finally getting our christmas tree and beginning to decorate.
*the new how i met your mother i have dvr-ed and waiting for me.
*the parties and plans i have for this weekend.
*cute voicemails from my daddy telling me he was thinkin of me and just wanted to say hi.
*the fact that BYU is going to KILL some Oregon State football.
*the fact that i actually feel good about the way i look today.
*being someone's happy thought.
*the fact that my little sister still thinks i'm cool.
*hearing that i'm endearing and great from someone i admire.
*laughing with good friends.
*mint hot cocoa in a giant mug to make my tummy happy.
*hot showers and coconut shampoo.
*having my christmas shopping done and wrapped. booyah. ocd pays off again.
*overtime pay = cha ching.
*$10 fleece jacket at old navy = i am a big fleecy ball of awesome.
*having a cute boy tell you you're pretty.
*singing christmas music to myself as i do mundane tasks
*finally having an intern that i enjoy teaching things to.
*john mayer's latest album on repeat.
*have i mentioned a cute boy? he's a big part of what makes me happy.
*my FOUR HOUR nap yesterday.
*(one tooth --the one that needs a root canal-- is killlllllllin me this week... but i'm too busy to get it fixed in the next week or so.)
*great family and faux-family who i'm so grateful for and i'm so so so lucky to have in my life.
*my awesome amazing friends i love, adore, and couldn't live without.

there's still so much more...but that helped me with my mood a little.

p.s. if you could -- please send your prayers, love, happy thoughts, positive vibes -- whatever happiness you can to summer at b is for brown. she got some horrible news today and needs all the love she can get.


  1. Right now, you are my happy thought :)

  2. I love this!
    I'm deathly sick right now. I'm talking fever, dizziness and coughing but this made me smile.
    Be glad of Life.

  3. i am glad you have so much to be happy for :)
    i hope you are having a great day sweets!!

    p.s. praying for sweet summer.

  4. Happiness = a milkshake in a bath with a good book.

  5. I know what you mean, I have been really down all week - but your happy list made me happy :) And it sounds like your life is neat right now. And especially that cute boy.
    I will send positive vibes your way!

  6. Siovhan this post totally made me smile - thank you!

  7. The prints in that Etsy shop are lovely. And I totally used to rock slippers at my desk too! I hope you're feeling better today!

  8. I love your happy lists! How do you do this when you're down? Show me your tricks! :)

    cute boy telling you you're pretty always works.

    I'll tell ya too. You're pretty!


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