a cause super close to my heart...

Dec 1, 2009

It's a little late in the day ... but it's not too late in the race against AIDS.
And YOU can make a difference.
Even in tiny, easy, ways.

This is a cause that is close to my heart.
When I think about little kids in Africa infected from birth, or kids here in the U.S. for that matter...it makes my heart ache. I can't completely explain it. But the looks in those sick children's eyes...and the blessed and privileged life I've had have all led me to conclude that I NEED to do SOMETHING. So this has become my championing cause. There is so much to be done
Thankfully my personal life (family, friends, collegues) has not been affected by this HORRIBLE disease.

But millions beyond millions of people {not just even in the U.S.} are affected and infected each day.

So here are some easy ways to fix this.
How about Facebook? Or Twitter? Or even Starbucks!
{Easy. Simple. And I've done em, you can, too!}

Project (RED) is one of my favorite things to peruse in relation to helping out.
Easy, stylish, and even tons of FUN. (They have clothes and all kinds of cool merchandise.)
And their newest partner -- NIKE. YAY Phil Knight!!
These laces are RAD. I want them. I'll probably buy some

But there are so many other ways to help. Google has links to TONS of places.
One.org is a great place to learn more about what can be done ... and what needs to be done.
Act Against Aids gives the straight facts, information on testing, and helps you discover how YOU can become part of the solution.
The United Nations has an entire page devoted to getting people informed. Check out this MAP. It will blow your mind.
Seriously, check out the Google page. It has even more foundations and information... from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation ... to the International Aids Society.

On one last note... for those living with HIV in Africa, just two pills at 40 cents a day can bring a recovery so miraculous it’s known as the Lazarus Effect.

It's documented in this video.
Watch it. 

I love you all.
Please, be informed. And be safe.



  1. Thank you for raising awareness about this cause. Kevin is researching hiv right now in his lab and we are both advocates for a cure and prevention. Thank you!

  2. Wow, that is incredibly sad. You never realize just how much this affects people until you really look.

    Thank You.

    When the chance arises I buy RED.

  3. Thank you so much for posting this. AIDS awareness is also important to me, and hopefully one day we'll be able to eradicate this horrible disease.

  4. I have GOT to stop sharing needles.

    Kidding, love. This is fabulous :-)

  5. Thank you for posting this and helping to race awareness! This is something that I believe really strongly about too and it's good to know that there are others out there trying to fight back against AIDS and spread awareness. You rock!

  6. aw siovhan! this post is awesome. i love that you're spreading the word and i will definitely do my part.

  7. Such a fabulous post lady. I feel like this cause has fallen out of the spotlight a bit and it's still just as relevant as ever!


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