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Nov 5, 2009

I have some beef with Sonic.
I LOVE the Sonic. I want to crawl in their tator tot fryer and live there.
But I have gone twice in the past two days -- and they were closed!
I went at 1 in the afternoon, and 9 at night!
They're supposed to be open. Ugh. I'm craving a strawberry limeade like none other. 

Anyway. Let's look over some things I'm currently totally swooning over.

The 160 GB iPod. It's like a dream.
40,000 songs?! YES. PLEASE.
I mostly started looking at these because my iPod is starting to die...and I only have half a gig free space on it.
And my alma mater's bookstore has the 120 GB ones for just a little less.
And you have to have an iTrip to go with it -- I'm sobbing without mine.

I love this necklace. It's hand stamped...with a phrase from my favorite poem.
I think it's adorable. And sweet.
I like this Etsy seller. She has a sand dollar necklace (I LOVE sand dollars) and tons of other cool jewelry.

 This CTR ring. (CTR stands for Choose the Right.) My current one is getting a little small on my hand. And this one is pretty.

And this matches my pink comforter...and the color scheme of my room.
{I LOVE bright happy colors for bedrooms. They're happy places!}
I also love this bedspread, this duvet and sheet set, this bedroom set, and this bed in a bag set.
This is why I have to stay out of the home goods sections of stores.

I LOVE these things. They're old WWII propaganda posters from England to let everyone know that all would be well. Definitely like the British--keep a stiff upper lip. And I love it in the honey color. I think it's gorgeous. It's the color my room was as a teenager.
{They have it in more colors.}

It's pretty much one of my favorite things that got my through my sick days ... and my normal days, lately.
It's HYSTERICAL. They're all stories people send in from their every day lives.
Like one of my favorites from Halloween: 
Today, I was handing out candy for Halloween and someone rang the doorbell. I opened the door, but no one was there so I was about to close the door when I saw two people dressed as hands running toward each other down the sidewalk. They proceeded to collide midair: they were a high five. I gave them extra candy for their awesomeness. MLIA
I want to be friends with a LOT of these people. If you want a good chuckle, or even a smile, check it out.
And speaking of MLIA, I recommended it to one of my very favorite bloggers, Gabby @ Gabby She Wrote, and she mentioned me in her blog! It was a HUGE moment for me. I basically idolize this girl. 

Mental-Floss is definitely, 100%, certifiably for nerds like me. I love this stuff!

And I'm Etsying my life away trying to find a super cute, reasonably priced beanie, or two, for winter. It's getting chilly here.

What are you guys loving? I'd love to know!

Well, off to write more sweeps stuff. Yay for ratings periods! (Someone shoot me.)

Catcha on the flip side.


  1. 1. I've never been to Sonic...we juuust got one here and it's always crazy busy. I should go, I know.

    2. I can't even click on those Etsy links because I'm scared I'll spend money I don't have...again.

    3. Have you seen these? a lil twist on the "keep calm...":

    4. You're too funny! I idolize you for reals. I even read what you wrote to my mom over the phone. True story.

  2. me and my little sis have that ctr ring! it is way cute.

    <3 e.e.cummings

  3. OMG i was dying over some of the MLIA halloween stories. HILARIOSITY at it's finest!

    as for the keep calm madness, join the club, the second i started blogging i bought one. i love it. it calms me everytime i look at it :)

  4. OMG Mental Floss is totally GENIUS! I LOVE those (say what hyperbole?? ;))

    Also liking the Keep Calm derivations...esp 'raise hell then sleep well' lol

    I gave you an award...but I think you're cooler than me in that you already have them lol. xoxo

  5. Haha I swear we are twins. I love MLIA, plaid, e.e. Cummings' poetry and I need a CTR ring too.
    Also, the strawberry-lemon cream slush is my favorite at sonic.

    I am kind of in search for the perfect, reasonably priced leather jacket. And the beach. :)

  6. MLIA slays me!!!

    OMG dude so much good stuff on your list, are you trying to make me go broke?! Bury me in that plaid bed. LOL.

    ehhh that Gabby. She's ok, if you're into that thing. HAHAHA

  7. i love the keep calm and carry on poster

  8. I'm loving this:


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