Nov 24, 2009

I have SO many reasons to be happy to be alive.
{I've been in kind of a melancholy mood today. I blame homesickness.}

-I have parents who love me, call me, and take care of me.
-I have siblings who are constantly interested in my life ... and want to keep me a part of theirs.
-I have an extended family who would kill for me.
{we're not the mob}
-I have a job in rough economic circumstances.
-I have a roommate I enjoy living with and who I'm ridiculously close friends with. 
-My car came back.
-I have a boy that's pretty crazy about me.
-I have a boy I'm crazy about.
-I have a {cute little} roof over my head.
-My hair isn't orange.
-I have coworkers/friends who crack my life up each day at work..
-I have a voice, eyesight, hearing, and general health.
-Diet coke. My lifeblood. 
-I get to listen to AND sing Christmas music.
-I've found a reason to sing again, period.
-Food. I get to experience, taste, love, enjoy and eat food.
{like the homemade meatball subs I made tonight...}
-I have cute clothes.
-I have comfy sweatpants and many of them that make me happy to be alive.
{like the hot pink ones I'm currently wearing}
-I have wonderful friends who make my life more rich, more fun, more humorous and more completely amazing with each day I know them.
-I have a cool coloring book and a new set of 120 crayons ... and I'm in love with them!
-I have all your blogs to read which make my happy each day! Seriously!!
-I get to live vicariously through all your lives and be happy when you're happy, be compassionate when you're down, get all riled up and defensive when you're attacked, get excited when something good happens...all that jazz.
-On that note, I have a great blog design that I love so ridiculously much.
-I have the gospel to give me direction and faith. 
-I have my dreams of Tahiti, even if they're still dreams right now.
-Chocolate. Mmmmmmm.
-There's good stuff on my DVR tonight.
-I have books to read. Heck, I CAN read...which is not the case for so many people in the world.
-I have an education that affords me so many opportunities.
-I can look at and puppy-lust after adorable little dogs that my apartment won't let me have. 
-I have mucho technology to help me keep in touch with people I love.
-I have a tooth brush. Kids in Ghana and the Congo sometimes don't even have that. I'm really lucky.

I have this and so much more.
For this, I'm so grateful.

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  1. A toothbrush, cute clothes, chocolate, your faith, technology...yep yep you're doing juuust fine my dear!!!

    love lists like this!

  2. I loved every second of your post! You're such a darling :)

    Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!!

  3. i have to agree with you, life is pretty wonderful ;) including all the small things!

    i hope you have a great thanksgiving hun!!

  4. You definitely have a blessed life!
    Happy Thanksgiving, Miss Siovhan!!! :)

  5. well you're SET! yup. i do agree. have a happy thanksgiving darling! xoxo.

  6. i love you, you have the bestest blog ever. you should be grateful for that. and that youre not in the same room as I am in... Drew just farted. boys are so gross..

  7. So there has been a lot of mention about a certain that I know nothing about, and I can't take it anymore! Maybe you don't want the whole world to know, but can I be different? Can I please know all about it?


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