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Nov 15, 2009

i heart pictures.

and ever since joining the blogging community -- i've become more obsessed and enthralled with looking at, enjoying, and finding pictures.

so, in my lame cop-out post ... i'm going to show you some i think are wonderful.
little insights into my psyche.
{the apparent theme of the past few days...}

i love these houses.
they're sooo pretty and so many different colors.
this is a favorite picture of mine.

kurt halsey
I love this piece. It's by Kurt Halsey.
And it's called:
About A Boy.
I LOVE that. Totally true. I can see her getting all cute and putting on a nice outfit -- and I think the butterflies are a great touch.

This slays me. I seriously laughed for like a minute when I saw this.
{i do not endorse actually eating turtles.}

Pretty, pretty, pretty. And fun. I love this. And her ensemble. I want. I want. I want.

this is important to me. i love this. for so many reasons.
♥my puzzle piece.♥

i love you, barkley.

isn't this pretty? i love this. i want a print.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. So many people have wayyyyy too much time on their hands.
but this is HYSTERICAL.

i think this is so tender. and so creative.

i want to hang out with this little girl. this is so funny!

i have an obsession with fake mustaches.
i have literally laughed out loud about 5 times just this afternoon while looking at this picture.
it's the baby. it kills me!!!

I think India is GORGEOUS. The colors, the culture, I love it. Bollywood? Dank.
I think that in their culture they appreciate color --and vibrant color, at that -- a lot more than we do. I love saris. I think they're gorgeous and I think they make women look gorgeous. This picture is amazing.


the other reason i've been laughing all afternoon.
i think this is true. {mine is ryan.}

i think this would make a great framed print.
{i have a thing for pictures of doors, i get it from my dad. i have a collection at home in boston.}

HA! fun. fun. and more fun.
star wars humor mixed with dairy = humor milkshake. aweeeesome.

I hope you enjoyed this.
And hopefully soon I'll post something more personal ... and less sappy.

{all images via we heart it}


  1. i stole the india's gorgeous.

    also love the first- I'm thinking notting hill or amsterdam?

    quien sabe! xoxo.

  2. God, I love that first photo- makes me think of summer :)

  3. What a fabulous collection of goodies. I loooooooove those row houses and the freaking cute!

  4. OMG i had a bedroom door similar to the one above with all the locks. i would lock myself in my room and the entire house could hear me as i locked each and every lock.

    i was a weird kid, what can i say.

  5. I need that red gown! I don't know where the heck I think I'm going but I need it...and those row houses remind me of full house!! I want to have a picnik in the park across the street with uncle Jessie.

    ok. wow.


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