the bard had it right...what's in a name?

Nov 27, 2009

Names are funny things.
They're given to us when our born ... and through the years they become a major part of who we are.
We grow into them ... they become us.
We are identified by these nomers ... for the rest of the time we're breathing on this earth.

But they instantly change depending on whose lips they cross.
When it's someone you love, your name sounds like the most beautiful melody in the world.
Like it's safe.
That nothing they would ever use your name for would be negative.
My mom is this way. When she says "Siovhan" she might as well be saying, "I love you, Sunshine."
My dad, too. My name is gorgeous with his Yourkshire accent and the level of regard he uses when that word comes out of his mouth.
The same with my boy. My name is safe on his lips. One of my favorite sounds is just how lovely my name becomes when he voices it. I love it.

Nicknames do not elicit the same thing.
And I'm not talking about shortened versions of your name ... or other versions which you go by on a regular basis (i.e. Elizabeths going by Liz, Jillians going by Jill...), I'm talking about names like Sunshine, or novel versions of your name.

Bonnie calls me VonSha or Tinymo... those don't hold the weight of my actual name.
An old roommate called me "Von." I hated that one.

And when it's someone you don't like, your name can sound like poison on their lips.
"Siovhan...." sounds like venom, dripping off their tongue.
And in your heart you know nothing you could do, say, or even be, would satisfy them -- and that your name suddenly becomes this ugly word. Not what it's meant to be.

But the sounds of my name, on the lips of someone I love...
like music to my ears. 



  1. One of my favorite things is when the boy I'm dating says my name. I didn't really know why until you just pointed it out. It sounds precious and safe when he says it. Good call.

  2. true love, baby! you better not hold out on us when this gets serious!! DETAILS!!! and PS I already have the bellaband on my christmas list! :)

  3. What a beautiful way to say it...
    It's true though. I love that. "I love you Sunshine."
    You are too cute.

  4. Yay I'm so glad to hear happy reviews about Jack's Mannequin AND their concerts! I am so excited to see them!

  5. so cute! and so true.

    when i was younger i longed for a nickname but never had i have too, my-my, mayrita, myruca, bananas, banana-rama, naners, etc.

  6. You know, I've kind of forgotten what my name sounds like. Ah ha. The hub calls me baby. The dude calls me mamamamamama. ah ha ha

  7. I love this. What is in a name?

    It's funny how you name in different tone tell you different things. "Melissa" coming from my mom could mean so many things from, 'You odd child, I love you,' to ,'Someone's in trouble!'*Yikes I can almost hear her foot tapping*

    Nick names are nice...they call me Meme(among other things) but when the right person say either name(nick or birth given) it warms you soul.

    Lovely post!


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