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Nov 20, 2009

So, mostly I get confused by blog awards ... but I enjoy them none the less.
And since it's the season of giving ... and receiving ... I'm doing the obligatory award post because people are aweeeeesome and gave me some!

This first one is from the lovely and oh so freakin hilarious Mayra.
This lady is AWESOME.
Okay, so the rules are…list 10 random facts about yourself... so here we go. 

1. When I'm really tired/exceptionally bored I pick at my split ends. It's usually a fair way of understanding my energy level.
2. I, literally, want to eat a big, huge, fatty burger every day.
3. I am HORRIBLE at accessorizing with statement jewelry. I try and fail every time. I pretty much wear pearls almost all the time.
4. I love painting my nails but I have no patience to let them dry -- and then proceed to strip them of all color as soon as their chipped (i.e. 25 minutes).
5. I kind of wish I could pull off having bright red hair.
6. I don't like cake. I don't like cupcakes. I don't like anything but funfetti--it's like a substance unto it's own. BUT I am ADDICTED to cake batter ice cream. Yeah. Ridic.
7.I'm 5'2" (on an extremely tall and good day) ... more like 5'1.7" and I've never dated a guy shorter than 5'10". Most have been 6'+.
8. I forget my cell phone at home at least once a week.
9. Ryan and I have a friend date ... to color and go to build a bear and potentially finger paint and I'm more excited about this than I am about 9/10ths of the things that have happened this week.
10. My baby brother, Ben, and I text movie quotes to each other almost every day -- and continue our conversations that way.

This next one comes from Jenna, The Momma Intern.
Coincidentally, the same thing applies here. Another 10 totally honest things about me.

1. I don't understand/haven't bought into the Twilight craze. I even had someone buy me book one ... and I got 2 pages in and quit.
2. I currently have clothes ALL OVER MY FREAKING ROOM. And the worst part? I'm not even sure I care.
3. There was one point where my freshman roommate and I had to hide our toilet paper in our room because we were the only ones buying it. We'd take it to the bathroom with us ... and bring it back with us.
4. I ordered stuff off of Etsy for the first time TWO WEEKS AGO and I still haven't gotten it. So much for "ready to ship." Bah.
5. I have to work on Thanksgiving ... but I don't really mind seeing as I get double the pay ... AND I never went home once in college for turkey day. Christmas, though, a different story.
6. I went to the Emergency Room this week ... for nothing serious. I thought I broke my nose. I was wrong.
(Although I made the doctor laugh because he was checking for a concussion {mine=ever so mild, mild, mild} and when he checked my ears I turned to Bonnie and said, "He's trying to find my brain." He laughed really hard.)
7. I miss playing the piano all the time. I also miss singing all the time.
8. I bought a tape adapter for my iPod (I hate the radio) ... all the while forgetting my tape deck was broken. (Yes, my car is old enough to have a tape deck.)
9. I still need to buy a waterproof winter coat ... seeing as mine was stolen 3 months ago when my car was stolen.
10. I'm really, really, really bad with confrontation.

These last two come from my girl, Alex. You may remember when I featured her here. This lady is going to go far in the world...and quickly, at that. And these are both really sweet awards.

And I'm going to follow Alex's example and cut the elitism out of my awarding -- so If you want it--it's all yours! You all deserve it! If you don't, then just leave it behind. But this goes to all my lovely blogger friends. So have at them awards, yo.


the gorgeous girls over at bonbon rose gave me this delightful friends award the first time around
{it was my very first blog award!}


then the gorgeous herself gave me this inspiration award.
(i was seriously floored.)

Krysten gave me this amazing award -- which is pretty awesome considering I think she's totally gorgeous!

And Sarah, the anti-journalist, gave me this awesome award. This is an honor considering she is ONE amazing scribbler and writer, herself.


  1. luckyyyyyyyyy. i want a blog award!! teach me how to be awesome!!

  2. Oh how fun!!! I am totally with you on the statement jewelry thing. I think women who can wear it and it look natural are some type of fashion gods because...I just can't! Cute blog!

  3. Look at you rollin in the awardizzles! Congrats m'lady! Each and everyone is well deserved.

    Glad your poor little nose is okay :(

    Have a good weekend.

  4. You flatter me so, sweet thing!

    LOVE your pearly self.
    and also that you don't understand Twilight. THANK YOU. :)

  5. LADY you are fabulous. CAN'T go wrong pearls. That is class right there. LOVES IT.

    Congrats on all your awards!! YAY!

  6. Congrats on the awards lady. I'm a fellow height challenged tall dude lover too! The hubs is the shortest I've ever gone at 6 feet. The ex was 6 four!

  7. you so deserved that sugar doll award...oh wait! i gave it to you :)

    love your loyalty to the rules. and btw i am shorter than you. i used to date really tall guys too. my ex was 6'5" but that ended. having said that, i am beyond happy with my 5'10-er.

  8. Congratulations on your awards!!!

  9. We are so much alike. My sister and I quote movie quotes all the time in texts.

    Congrats on the awards :)


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