when i look in the mirror

Oct 29, 2009

i totally stole this prompt from kristen. enjoy.


when i look in the mirror

when i look in the mirror there's a girl i don't always know.
sometimes she and i are so alike.
sometimes we're so very different.
she reflects only a portion of me.
when you look at her you see blonde hair, green eyes, and a smile not quite as sure as it once was.

when i look at her i see a girl who is so faceted, sometimes it's hard to know what she's supposed to be.
there's a kindhearted girl, easily hurt, but not readily scarred.
there are insecurities mounting over things i have no place worrying about.
a girl who cares way more about what people think than she lets on.
a girl who worries about not being liked.

when i look at her there's a girl who has loved and lost.
a girl who has been hurt.
a girl who has been pushed around and broken into a million billion pieces.
a girl who has then pulled herself back together but is still finding pieces that need to be put back into place.

when i look in the mirror i see a daughter and sister who loves her family more than life itself. 
i see a girl who misses them terribly. and constantly.
a girl who longs for the time she gets to spend with her brothers and sister.
and for the discussions she has with her parents.
for the snuggling, the laughter, the happiness, and the craziness that is her family--her heart.

when i look in the mirror i see pain, happiness, strife, sadness, laughter...
but most of all..
i see


  1. Gorgeous post! Just like you, my lady. Loved every moment of it.

  2. Ooh I like this. So eloquent and beautiful. I need to do this...stay tuned! xoxoxo ps im sorry you're sick- no fun!!!

  3. You are so beautiful...
    I have felt this so many times.
    You have to learn to love the girl in the glass.


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