the way you make me feel...

Oct 21, 2009

today i am thinking about this:
it is my kind of elegant. 

it was so cold and gray and cloudy here all day.
and it was a long day.
i can only think that tahiti would be the perfect solution.
i mean look at that water! and the fishes! and those amazing huts. 
i can only believe my body and soul would be happy sitting in one of these chairs:


yes. please.
so, who's going with me?

now onto some business.
it's been award time over here at the siovhan show.
and i LOVE it.

the gorgeous girls over at bonbon rose gave me this delightful friends award:
now i'd like to pass it on to:
gorgeous kristen at inspired this lady is seriously one of my favorite bloggers. i'm so glad we're friends!
kelsey over at the seattle smiths who reminds me all the time that life is so fun. 
mandy over at famous because i'm starting to believe we're soulmates. (how did we not meet when were were in provo?!)
and my darling ruth. this lady is a legit friend and amazing person. i heart her.

then the gorgeous herself gave me this inspiration award: 
(i was seriously floored.)

gabby at gabby she wrote she's fantastic and i wish i was half a good a cook as her. 
mayra over at life is bananas this lady is a real life, hard core, marathon running inspiration. 
liz at unbeweavable. liz is one of the most geniune people i've ever e-met. she's great.
lauren over at busy bee lauren who has a zest for life that few others possess.

(pssst. these last two are not for the faint of heart...or my mother. trust me.)
jill at pilgrim congress. jill is hysterical and makes my day when she comments on my blog. plus she's a new englander. we gotta stick together. 
and lilu over at livit luvit. this lady has more blog readers than anyone else i know. and she deserves it. she's a riot!

hope you all had a happy monday.
and let's get on this tahiti business.

p.s. isn't this necklace adorable? i saw it on a girl on tv as i was flipping through tonight (a rerun of my boys). i kind of love it. it's from zoe chicco.


  1. Perfect timing to link your post to my Wishful Wednesday one tomorrow!!! I totally wish to travel to all those amazing places with beautiful clear water like that. Heaven.On.Earth. for sure!! Thanks for the award too my love, you totally deserved it though!


  2. thanks for the pic...just what i needed!(not using an ironic tone here. just in case you wonder)
    the ladies i know, you've mentionned i love. the other ones i'll go and check their blog out!

  3. Congrats on the awards m'lady! You deserve each of them! And if you're going to Tahiti, puh-leeeeez take me with you.

  4. Awww, thanks hon! You are the bestest- and you deserve those awards. ;-)

  5. take me! take me! i'll go. tahiti sounds amazing and those pictures are nothing but pure bliss. day.

    thanks for the award love, love. you are far too kind and i love it.

  6. now you have me really wanting to go on a vacation adn tahiti looks like a perfect destination!

    congrats on all your awards :)

  7. I'm SO there! Holy moly that first picture is basically my celestial kingdom. I'm going to be thinking about Tahiti all day now....

  8. I tried to go to Bora Bora for our honeymoon and stay in those overwater bungalows but they run anywhere b/w $3,000-$13,000 PER NIGHT!!! I guess that will be on my 10 year anniversary list ;) ha

    p.s. Im a new follower. I found you through Kelsey.

  9. Oh man, I would LOVE to be in Tahiti right about now! Those pictures are stunning. :)

    Congrats on the awards - and thank you! If you are ever in So Cal, I'll make you dinner, k?

  10. I will join you! This is the first time I have come across your blog and I love it!

  11. In high school I wrote about tahiti.
    Something like:
    "And I would say, 'yes, I'm lyndsi from tahiti. Would you like to make some tahiti fajitis?'"
    Steaming skillets from my tropical land.

    In other words, yes. I'm coming.


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