to whom it may concern:

Oct 12, 2009


Dear Wenches,
Remember that time your lives weren't all they're cracked up to be? Remember how it took you decades to get you crap together? Remember how you're still complicated wrecks of people? Remember how you have NO place in lecturing me how to live my life, nor delving into aspects of my life that you have no business involving yourselves in? BECAUSE I DO. {The worst part -- I expected this from one of you, but never from the other.} There is NO reason you should feel the right/need/opportunity to be part of my life when I don't want you there and didn't invite you into it. HOW DARE YOU. Beyond rude, that's disrespectful, and guess what -- it's one giant moot point. I will never look to you for advice in these regions of my life. So please stay out. Unless you want to see this strawberry blonde tune into her tempers-blazin' redhead self.

Dear Maurice,
You need to stop having service problems. You had full service in Utah and Portland ... why not here?

Dear Work Hubby,
Our weekend outing was SPECTACULAR. I loved it! We had so much fun! Thanks for being nerdtastic enough to enjoy the little kid things I do...and join in.

Dear Disney,
Having the Toy Story/Toy Story 2 in 3D double feature is one of your most genius ideas yet. I LOVED IT. I'd forgotten exactly how much I love these movies until I was watching them. Thanks!

Dear Uncoordinated Self,
Really? Both falling down the stairs AND exploding soda on yourself? Wow. And you're even well rested. Just imagine what you could have pulled today if you weren't alert. Haha.

Dear lovely co-workers (serious, no sarcasm),
I love seeing you each day. You make coming to the office all worth it. I'm so glad I've become friends with you and have you in my life. Thanks for making me smile and laugh.

Dear hair,
You need a cut...let's chat. And get excited.

Dear Barkley,
Sigh. You are fantastic. I'm so grateful to have you in my life. You make me ridiculous amounts of happy. You are certainly a big, shiny gold star on my life right now. Thanks for being someone to take care of me, listen, comfort, and hold me. It helps more than I'll ever be able to tell you.
(you still give me butterflies.)



  1. HA I live for these little letters! GET EXCITED HAIR!!! Details, lady.

  2. Aww! Great letters. These are awesome!

  3. My morning responsibilities included Seminary. Should I stick that in my juice box and suck it? Just wondering.

  4. these are hilarious! my favorite is the one to old school drama. you tell 'em!

    my hair needs a cut too. maybe we should have our hairs contact each other to discuss options.

    and who is "THE HAIR". that one leaves me curious.

  5. love the old school drama...!!!

  6. I love you. Does that make any difference?

  7. TAKE THAT! Stick that one in your juice box and SUCK IT.

    HAhahahahahhahahhahaa lol, you made me DIE.


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