sicko ma gick oh

Oct 29, 2009


I am one sick girl.
You know you're real sick when the General Manager walks downstairs, hears you coughing and tells your boss that you'll be taking a sick day tomorrow.
Sounds alright to me. I need the rest. 

So here I sit on my couch with my DayQuil (and NyQuil), Orange Juice, Chocolate Milk, and my remote.
I can't even begin to think about really eating.
All I've had today was a bag of chips when I realized around 4:30 that I had yet to eat today.

All I want are Dole Coconut Popsicles.
Those things are DANK.
Alas, I can't peel myself off my they'll have to wait til tomorrow. 

I can't freakin wait to see this movie. I tear up nearly every time I see it. Seriously. Sandra Bullock has long been my favorite actress, and now I love her even more. Duh. Oh and a Jack's Mannequin song in the trailer = ♥

Oh and I have some backed up posts, so expect an overload. :)



  1. Feel better soon lovie! No way to spend a Halloween weekend :(

  2. hope you are feeling better soon hun!!
    keep eating bags of chips, yum! haha!

  3. oh you poor thing! well rest up, hydrate and catch up on some juicy trash TV.

    i too want to see that movie. you know it's a true story?! i love that!

  4. good for you getting a sick day!! i love soup to make me feel better... chicken noodle old school style. also i am DYING to see blindside and i only just saw a preview for it yesterday!!! love it!! feel betterrr

  5. Awwwwww, lady. That blows. Hope you feel better soon! Coconut pops sound like the bomb diggity!

  6. Oh no! Get better sooooooon! And make someone go buy you those popsicles, k?

    I can't even watch that preview without getting a huuuuuuge lump in my throat. Yeah. Just can't. Sob sob sob.

  7. I hate being sick!!! Hope you feel better soon!!!

  8. Please get better friend!
    I don't like to hear that you are sick.

  9. Yucky, everyone is getting sick! Feel better lady!

  10. Okay. I am ashamed to admit it, because Sandra Bullock is HORRIBLE and I know that movie is going to be totally cheese ball and tugging at our emotions in the most generic-dialogue way...

    But I really, REALLY want to see it. Don't tell.


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