wishful wednesday

Sep 16, 2009

Kelsey ... the adorable front girl over at The Seattle Smiths does this awesome thing called Wishful Wednesdays.
And since I seriously LOVE Kelsey (she and I would SO be friends in real life, down to our love of scarves AND Seattle) ... I decided to indulge! (You should join me!)

'I wish' .... I could be ________!
(Name that TV star!! Post a picture and tell us why)

Okay. I have 2. And it took a LOT of thinking prior to deciding. Seriously. I watch some TV...but very little with characters, or on a routine basis.

First I picked a real person:

Erin Andrews.
{I almost went with Holly Rowe because she and I are BUDS (for real) and I love her.}
This girl is LEGIT. Not only is she gorgeous and has legs to die for ... but this girl knows her stuff. I seriously want her shift. She gets to cover both College Football AND Major League Baseball. Um, hi?! Yes. Getting paid to be at and watch my favorite sports!!?! That's definitely the job I want. I should probably look into that...

Second I picked a character:

So this lady is witty, quirky, and gorgeous. She's like the Gisel Bundchen of A.D.D. Who doesn't want to be gorgeous enough to get away with being a completely sarcastic crazy? I definitely do.

So head on over, visit Kelsey, and join on in!


  1. I too, want to be Lorelei Gilmore. Who wouldn't want to run an Inn and live in Stars Hollow?

  2. You aren't kidding about that girl's stems. Killer! I didn't do a post about it...but I choose Carrie Bradshaw. She'll forever be my ideal!

  3. It's Thursday, so instead of Wishful Wednesday, I'm going to go with Thankful Thursday: I'm thankful I'm not living in Sri Lanka.

  4. I LOVE The Gilmore Girls! Seriously, it borders on unhealthy.

  5. i like your first choice. she's hot and she likes sports. definitely developing a girl crush here.

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  7. Fun post. I think that actress is cool too.

  8. I think I'd go Heidi Klum. But in, like, 30 years.

    (Yes I know she's not THAT old. I want to be her when I AM.)


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