from 10,000 lightning bugs...

Sep 16, 2009

my brain is broken.
so you're getting a post severely lacking punctuation, capitalization, and (potentially) grammar.
be warned.
be very warned.

spencer's butte via wikipedia.

i hiked (if you can call it that) this beast today. early early in the morning. which is totally eugene. apparently all part of the movement to make me into a hippie (eek). and while it kind of kicked my rear ... it was awesome. and you really can see like the entire valley. and i love oregon. it has SO many trees. mmmmm. makes my heart happy.

i remembered today that i love bagels. i love them. their warm warm warm cream cheese covered goodness. mmm. (and i pounded that beast.)

in said bakery... i realized how much i missed the east coast. i'm a little home sick. i think it was the challah bread -- or the notices posted about rosh hashanah. sigh.

i'm still crazy because i had a near panic attack when i thought i couldn't see my car in the parking lot. it was there. there was just a bush in the way.

asthma is a wench.

i solidly got in two carmen sandiego references today.
i also had enough excedrin inside me to kill a small horse.

i'm watching the interpreter with bonnie. i'm still not sure if i like it or not (3/4 of the way in). i'm leaning toward not. plus i made her tell me what was going to happen because sometimes i like to have my movies ruined so that i can know if i can keep hating it or if i might have a chance of liking it in the end. i should have known i wouldn't when i heard the words "sean penn" [genius actor, just not my cup of tea]. (15 minutes later: still hate it.) (it's over. yep. not in my fav 5. not even in my fav 50.)

i missed summer, apparently. i'm still pale. i'm still unadequately vacationed and pool-ed. sigh.
and on that note, whoever said being a grown up was awesome-- LIED. all kinds of LIES. growing up is the fun part. being in this realm is dumb.

i'm hungry but not hungry. i hate that feeling.

i'm like 10000000000 degrees right now. even in basketball shorts. (i LOVE basketball shorts.)

i've had the same 3 songs stuck in my head on repeat for the past like 12 days. or 5 days. you pick.

i kicked butt in fantasy football this week. aw yeah. and i'm just a tiny bit proud of myself being in a league with guys all completely obsessed with sports -- all of whom should KICK MY BUTT.

my hair is so smooth. i keep touching it. mmmmmmmmm.

my life is crazy. i keep trying to figure it out. because it's never simple, or without strange occurrences, i'm trying to figure out what to do with it while staying true to myself. but crazy is not bad. not bad at all.

the patriots won yesterday. i did a happy dance.
i love fall. i want fall weather. i love fall fashion, and football, and foliage. and baseball.

i miss my mom.

i actually really miss byu. provo. cafe rio. megan. lyndsishae. all my other wonderful, amazing friends down there.

i need a nap.


p.s. kanye west. you're still an idiot.


  1. I hiked Mt. Timpanogos at 2am last week and it was an absolute beast. I feel your pain (at least I felt it at the time).

  2. I love your posts! You've got quite a lot going on these days my doll. Hope you have a good day!

  3. Don't you just love the pacific northwest!! amazing view and so relaxing to hike in the morning!! Happy Hump Day -- Participate in Wishful Wednesday later??

  4. ew, i HATE sean penn.

    i miss cafe rio too. but i learned how to make the shredded pork, and that makes me happy.

  5. I love the part about being an adult. Made me laugh right out loud. So great. Haha :)

  6. I miss good bagels, they don't seem to have any here.

    Any day with 2 solid Carmen Sandiego references is a good one in my book.

  7. Aww- I loved that! And yes, asthma is a wench.


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