this isn't about dinosaurs...

Sep 25, 2009

dave disclaimer: it's about hair stuff. you don't have to read.

Okay so the gorgeous Nicole Hill (whose blog I read all. the. time.) had an amazing giveaway. It involved this really cool new shop, Old Soul New Heart, which has the most amazing line of headbands.
{And it's a mom/daughter team!! Go family!}

Well, I WON.
Seriously, I win very few things -- but apparently if it involves hair...I'm good to go.
I'm STOKED about this.
This headband is gorgeous.
And Shea, the designer knows one of my favorite people, Noelle (she's rad).
This further proves to me that this shop is FABULOUS.

p.s. Nicole, if you read this...Thanks again!! And I emailed you at the email on your sidebar.


  1. hah -- "winner winner chicken dinner."

    i <3 that movie. and congrats!! lucky you!

  2. I just saw their stuff recently and LOVE it. Congrats!

  3. omg luckyyy. i LOVE that hairband, its going on my birthday list. also, you are a FABULOUS blog friend. so no worries :)

  4. LOVE the headband! And the glasses, too cute.


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