my brain is seriously broke.

Sep 8, 2009

It's true my friends. My brain never got the jump-start memo this morning. Anyway...

First things first. My girl Megan came to town this weekend. And MAN ALIVE... I don't think I realized just exactly how much I need my BFF in my life until I saw her.

Megan and I have been through so much together in the relatively short time we've been in each others' lives. Stress, finals, papers, boys, more boys, horrible dates, funny adventures, a random and spontaneous trip to Disneyland, phone call after phone call, inside jokes galore, family events, and even ... Simon Cowell.

We make each other howl with laughter all the time. Very few of my other friends make me laugh at the same intensity (and same with her) as we make each other laugh. I'm pretty sure just existing NEAR each other was the biggest blessing I've had in a while. With all the stress and craziness of the past few weeks -- this was so ridiculously necessary. To an onlooker, it may not have been an exciting or even great touristy weekend. But after living together for so long we just learned to hang out and do normal, fun, random stuff. Sigh...I heart that girl. Oh! AND we are tie dye goddesses. Those shirts -- we did them ourselves.

Item numero dos. This is what my lovely little phone looks like. His name is Maurice. He is temperamental ... just like a real Frenchman. (side note...Sarkozy -- totally a new favorite for this reason.)

See, due to my innocent little life choices and beliefs ... I, luckily, have never been on the delivering end of a drunk text. For which I'm grateful. Well, in all kinds of terribly funny and awkwardness inducing ways ... I found out last night that sometimes I respond to texts ... in a mostly comatose state. I fell asleep at some point last night (yes, on the couch) mid conversation. Well, apparently my phone kept dinging and even though I was asleep ... I would stir ... and well, answer... with embarrassing honesty ...and I even managed some very sweet things to say about this person. Haha. I have learned my lesson...I think. I did laugh pretty hard when I went back and read the 8 messages I don't remember sending. I should have a bed time.

Last night I got one of the funniest compliments in the world. I was told that I was the D-Wade to said friend's Charles Barkley. In case you don't get that infamous reference click here.
And upon further inspection I found another commercial that made me laugh pretty hard.

That friend is solidly in my fav 5. Especially after this reference.

Random note...when I finally stormed out of my room this morning happily (obviously) going to work ... Bonnie came to say good bye. I looked at her. I looked down at me. We matched. Same pants...both in teal shirts and brown shoes. I laughed. She laughed. Living together does weird things to people.

And I managed to get Phil Collins (childhood musical love) in my show today.

AND MY COUGARS BEAT THE SOONERS!!! Love love love love love. Oh I miss games at LaVell Edwards stadium (even though this game was in Texas). I can't wait to visit!!

Hope you all had a Terrific Tuesday!!!

p.s. my fashion lovies--i'm in the market for a cute new rain jacket. and suggestions are both needed and wanted.


  1. The game was actually in Arlington - which, consequently, is where David is from. Even before the new stadium, the games were in Irving (where I'm from) at Texas Stadium... not Dallas.
    Just some Texas triva to start out your day!

  2. I met the famous Sister Goff at the pool with my nanny kids a few weeks ago! "Do you know Siovhan?" Yes we do.

  3. Super cute pictures of you and your girl! Love it!

    And YAY for Phil Collins! :)

  4. Awww, you and your bestie are so cute. :-)

  5. Awwwww, I want my Megan!! Drunk texting. I don't wanna think about some of the ones I sent to the hubs when we first started dating. Ah ha

  6. what adorable pics girly!!
    makes me miss my bestie! :(

  7. aww so fun you got to see your friend. i love when long distance friends come to visit and you pick up right where you left off like there was never any seperation

  8. I am so blessed to have a bestie as you describe, I do not know what I would do without her! You guys are adorable :)

  9. yay byu!! i have started getting up super-early (yay producing class twice a week) and have become a terrible bueno. gotta put a password on my phone or something to stop from saying something ridiculous one of these days!


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