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Sep 28, 2009

This weekend I:
Embraced my giant forehead and pulled my bangs back.
Snuggled with a cute boy.
Ate my body weight in BBQ.
Quit complaining about my eyebrows and finally pulled out the Tweezers ... and then remembered why I wax.
Won an adorable headband.
MADE A TUTU!!! Aw yeah. For my Halloween costume. More details to come.
Made a headband.
Made cookies. (I sounds so domestic.)
Installed a new car battery in my car -- all by myself!
Actually bought groceries and ate at home.
Taught Sunday School.
Pulled out more of my sweaters for fall. I LOVE FALL.
Went to munch and mingle ... and only mingled with my favorite pseudo-parents.
Smiled. A lot.

Today I:
Wore my awesome new plaid scarf.
Beasted a HUGE burger at lunch...and discovered a glorious new peach lemonade.
Only drank one and a half cans of Diet Coke -- progress.
Almost hit a kid as he ran across the street, in the dark, wearing all black. Luckily I was going slower than I usually do on that road.
Bought a pair of shoes to go with my blue cape cod dress...and they're CUTE.
Ate dinosaur chicken nuggets. Hi I'm 5. Kthanx.
Fell in love with these shoes ... but they didn't have my size.

Too bad. They're hardddd core.
Watched some major How I Met Your Mother.
Spent 20 minutes trying to leave my office ... but construction made it nearly impossible. 20 minutes for a 1/4 mile? Ugh.
Talked to my MOMMA! She's fabtastic. I love her.

This upcoming weekend I:
Get to hang out with my dad and my brother ... and my best friend.
Awesomely and thankfully get to go to General Conference for my church (so rad).
Get to see people I haven't seen in forever.
Will eat Cafe Rio (best thing ever!!!).
Will meet Bonnie's family and dogs.
Buy my daddy's birthday present.
Watch BYU Football FROM THE STADIUM. Aw. Yeah.
Have some freakin' P-town F-U-N.
Hopefully get my sephora order in time to pack.
Actually publish a Best Friends Friday...I'm suckin at blogging lately.

I hope your day has been De -- wait for it -- lightful.



  1. Those heels would have been super sassy on you!!!

  2. Brooklyn loves them dinobites-- so just be 5. Its okay.

    See you soon.
    (Cool, huh?)

    PS-- Friday I'm going to the game too. When should we play? How long are you here? Why do I know none of these things?

  3. This is a great post! I love the idea! Hope you have a good day.

  4. hooray for provo!! you should look for drew at the sidelines, he is at every BYU game working... also you are absolutely invited to my house for food/crashing/football watching anytime this weekend. Drew would love it. so would anna. and me, of course!

  5. well, since you'll be in p-town, we're not too far away :) we'd love to see you if you can make it!

  6. Way to take advantage of the little things that make life great. I hope you have a tremendous time in Utah this weekend!

  7. Sounds like you've been havin lots o' fun! So jealous that you get to go to P-town! Eat an extra bite of Cafe Rio for me!

  8. Ummm...
    I want to see the tutu.
    And eat Cafe Rio.
    And be somewhere cold so i can wear a scarf.

    I miss Utah.

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Awww mama! I love you! Such a cute post idea! I adore those shoes...hmmmm lets go on a shoe finding mission!

  10. Did you see the weather forecast for the game? Lets hope those weather folk have no idea what they are talking about. If you get a minute, let Gramps and I know so we can give you a kiss. Love you lots.

  11. Oh I need a new car battery and I was going to try to install it myself too! I heard it's not that difficult.

    Thanks for comment today. I'm loving my new Mac. :)

  12. holy crap! i just got dizzy reading your list. you're a busy little bee and a crafty one at that! how the heck do you make a tutu. i'm horrible at all things sewing related.

    and you're pretty much my hero for installing a battery all by your lonesome. kick ass lady!

  13. "Ate my body weight in BBQ."


  14. Dude, you MADE a tutu! Instructions please?

  15. We have something for you over at BonBon. : )


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