a breath from the breathin...

Sep 22, 2009

courtesy of miss amy. whose blog is GORGEOUS.

So I suck at blogging lately.
Really and sincerely.
And you deserve better than that.

But I have totally legit reasons.

A trip to VooDoo Donut--and thus the eating of like a billionty donuts. Which also led to the biggest sugar high I've had in a long time. The little voodoo guy was my favorite.

A trip to Powell's Books -- I had a nerdurysm. Seriously. I'm pretty sure Bonnie found me hyperventilating with excitement in the Faulkner section. Seriously. FIVE FLOORS of books. I'm pretty sure only the Beast's library and the Library of Congress could compete with it right now. (Pssst. 12 "to read" books. I gotta get crackin.)

Many an outing with my "work husband", Ryan. (We food together. That brings love.)
And even more outings with my fav 5 member, Patrick. (Who is completely adorbs.)
Lots and lots and lots of texting and talking and laughing and smiling and movie watching.

Some SERIOUS football watchin. The Ducks, my Cougs, my Pats, and some just good ole screamfest football Saturdays. Bonnie things I'm going to give myself a heart attack. I just call it fun.

A walk along the beach for some much needed rejuv and regroove. My brain needs a break... a re-prioritization. I love the ocean. I would take bare, sandy, wet feet over all my gorgeous shoes anyday.

Falling madly in love with my chalkboard panels (and my Emerson on them), my tie dye shirt, planning Megan's birthday present, and my new super-ultra-sale Gap dress that's totally Cape Cod-esque (sigh).

Coaching Miss Bonnie through territory so ridiculously common to me and so foreign to her.
Laughing and chatting with Megan--as we try to meet our new talk-time goals and help each other navigate and figure out life.

Planning my Halloween costume.
Trying to figure out what to do with my hair--and resisting the urge to chop, chop, chop.

Getting my frickin car repaired ... still. And jumped. And jumped again. (I'm buying a new battery tonight.)
And dying a little because I need another iPod adapter for my car but I haven't found one I love.

Oh, and working ridiculous amounts during the week.

So, there are some of my reasons.
I'm living life, maintaining life, and occasionally even really really enjoying life.



  1. Thank you for using "whose" correctly (as opposed to who's). You're a breath of fresh air.

  2. I went to the VooDoo Doughnuts website. Was that bacon on a donut? Last week was a bad week for your football watching- both the Pats and Cougs lost. Sorry about that.

  3. My work husband became my for reals husband. Ah ha

  4. love the work hubby description..."we food together". haha! i need one!

  5. congrats! please email me your address, etc.

  6. Diggin the title. It's my favorite song of theirs.

  7. Stupid life, getting in the way of blogging!


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