whacked out wednesday

Aug 27, 2009

My Brain shut off this morning around:
"Hi this is Dennis with your Insurance. Sorry I'm running so late. I'm still 15 minutes away..."

AND I HATE when guys treat me like an idiot because I'm a girl. Too bad I knew more about cars than the idiot evaluating mine. YOU CAN'T "BUFF OUT" A TIRE, MORON. /rant

So here's a little pick me up for everyone:
Things I Love on the Interwebs

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Win. This has win written ALL over it.
Who doesn't need knitted facial hair to cover their face?! That's right, no one. We ALL need it.
It's so manly like. And comes in such an array of colors. Naturally.

I thoroughly encourage you ... nay, INSIST you click to see the large version.
Total Eclipse of the Heart has become an internet phenom as of late.
Don't believe me? I literally mean it.

Nicole Marie linked me to this next one.
Honestly, these random musings are so REAL. I think about crap like this all the time.
One of which (about facebook profile stalkin picture admiring) made me think about a funny story from my own life:

So my junior year of college I worked at a local office with my best friend, Dani. She and I would have little to do... I mean would swiftly and superbly accomplish the majority of our work for the day around 11:30 in the morning. This gave us time to peruse the interwebs, catch up on long lost acquaintances on Facebook, and just generally vegetate at our desks.

Well, Dani and I fell into a creepy and AWESOME habit of Facebook stalking people's wedding pictures (it's BYU, they're everywhere). We'd look through several albums a day looking and critiquing the style, the choices, and pretty much just the whole event in general. And, depending on the vanity level of the wedding party, these could be several albums for one person.

Well there was one girl in particular I will always remember. Not because of her amazing dress, awesome theme, or impeccable planning skills. But because she had 7 full albums of wedding pictures. SEVEN. Well, needless to say Dani and I had a hay day with that one.

Now fast forward a couple months. I leave this company for a broadcasting job in Provo. But I'm still going to school and thereby spend copious amounts of time on campus doing...well, everything. One day when I was headed through the library to my favorite napping studying spot, I saw a girl I thought I knew. I couldn't place from where, though, so I did that awkward gawking/staring combo trying to remember her name so I could say hi. Well, I never did remember her name and just awkwardly waved at her as I passed...then wondered why she looked at me like I was a lunatic. Four more steps and I placed her. SEVEN ALBUM GIRL. And I laughed. Loud. and Hard. in the middle of the silent library.
So that's my story of how Facebook stalking can really come back to create socially inappropriate settings. The end.

P.S. Why is it that my sports guy has a much more impressive vocabulary than most of my reporters?!

P.P.S. I unofficially declared today ninja day at work. But no one joined me...so it kinda became hippie day. Observe:



I'm trying to get Friday to be Pirate day. We'll see.

I hope your Wednesdays were lovely...and that your Thursday is a thousand times better.


  1. OMGosh I'm so glad that I'm not the only person who stalks wedding albums! Have you gone to that facebook group called somethign like, "Awkward Wedding Photos"??? They're so AWKWARD. And absolutely hilarious sometimes. Anyway, great story about seeing the person you facebook stalked. I laughed. A lot. At work. :)

  2. "7 Album girl" I LOVE IT.
    Also I knew someone who had so many similar pictures of a wedding, it was like going through a flip book. seriously, the difference would be a hand would be 30 degrees slanted or something. hehe

  3. Knitted facial hair?! Sign me up! I can finally achieve my dream of being the bearded lady at the circus. SUCCESS!!!

  4. I've got an eye patch you can borrow. Ah ha

  5. Got my eye patch rarin' and ready to go. ;-)

  6. Hahaha. You crack me up. It's like this i-know-that-you-don't-know-that-i-know-something-about-you-and-it's-hilarious kind of thing, right? I'm just assuming you understood my jumble there...

  7. Your ninja day pics have JUST rocked my world. Amazing...


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