one wacky wednesday

Aug 19, 2009

When was younger I had a book called "Wacky Wednesday."

The premise is that everything goes strange that Wednesday.
There are mice chasing cats, shoes hanging on the wall, people are missing arms and legs and words are misspelled.
As a result... we get an itemized list of things I currently love:

When my friends ... photograph other friends.

I grew up with these boys. Yeah, I know, LUCK-KEEEEE.
And, honestly, they really do look like that in real life.
I met Matt through another friend.
He takes the most AMAZING pictures.
Thus = love ♥.
P.S. The oldest looks JUST like Daniel Craig in real life and he's on the u.s. bobsled team.
(click on the links. you'll be glad you did.)

Okay. My little brother sent this to me and it makes me laugh SO hard. Just bear with the video until you reach the couple in the car. This company's commercials -- hysterical.

Great moments in culture .... in stick figure form?
Yes, please.
Find more here.

The starfish on the bottom of my Gmail theme when it hits around midnight.
I think they're SO cute.
I even avoid hitting the refresh button if they're at the bottom of the page.
Wow, neurotic.

I left my bike in Provo (too much other stuff to fit in the truck).
Now I want a new one.
I am IN LOVE with this cute little cruiser!

And were the bike thing not to work out:

I would LOVE a Vespa.
They're so cute.

I'm mad for plaid.
I have been forever.
And I'm head over heels for this coat. I want a plaid one so bad.

And Gilmore Girls episodes with Tristan.
I love him.
He's such a snot. Which is probably why I love him. And he's SO witty.

Seriously, Chad Michael Murray...hahaha.
Plus we have inside jokes about him. So i pretty much crack up as soon as he appears on screen.


  1. TWO-BUTTED COW!!!! We grew up with Wacky Wednesday too, that book is the bommmmmmb! I love your posts.

  2. Since the star comes with a 19" tin case, I got one. How could I resist?

  3. i would like one of those boys. gossip girl-y looking, east coast, what is not to love.

    that is all. xo


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