thankful thursday

Aug 13, 2009


It's time again for Thankful Thursday.

Today I'm thankful for:

This week is Scandi Fest in the Willamette Valley. And seeing as I'm part Danish I LOVE me some Aebleskivers. To quote Lil' Nino: "They're like little balls of pancake!!"

Mom and Dad
Dad called today to help me with my new insurance forms and just to see how I was doing. He pretty much cracks me up. And my mom always asks about every aspect of my life--even if she doesn't end up really hearing it.

My calling
It allows me to serve a lot.
It makes me think about others more.
Something I always need to work on.

Ice cream
'nuff said.

My bishop and his awesome wife
They took us into their home this weekend and fed us, and told us happy and hysterical stories, and made me feel like party of the family. I'm so grateful for them, for their guidance, and for BishCo's every increasing wisdom.

My little sister

Megan Annnnnnn
I burst out laughing in a silent newsroom today because of her and her Facebook photo comments and wall posts. She cracks me up. That's what best friends are for.

Derek's cone of silence
Today Derek kicked everyone out of the sports office for 20 minutes of silence. And locked the door. And if anyone tried to even knock on the door he screamed "GET OFFFFFFFF" at the door. It was HYSTERICAL. I may or may not have run past the door and knocked on it.

17 Again.
The picnic Bonnie and I had in the living room.
My weekend plans.
My nice house.

My curly hair
Because on days like today when I hit the snooze button 5 times (inadvertently turning it off the last time) it makes it so much easier to do post-shower.

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  1. instead of "17 again" you should have just put "Zac Efron" because honestly, how perfect could he be?? (especially in Hairspray).



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