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Aug 15, 2009

Life has gotten in the way.
I'd been feeling kind of melancholy about it lately.
One of my favorite friendships has been kinda ...lackluster, yes I think that's the best word, lackluster lately.

I spent a lot of time talking to the roommate last night about why I feel this way. Why I'm so upset about this particular one...and not about others. And why I couldn't say anything to this person about my lack of them and why I'm ...confused about how they've been acting.

I was feeling sorry for myself until I saw this:


It works both ways {I hope}.

My dear friend, just because I am busy, doesn't mean I don't care.
And, I hope, just because you are busy ...doesn't mean you don't either.



  1. Oh, how I need to remember that more often!!!!

    P.S. LOVE your new layout! How do you make it so cute??!

  2. Siovhan-
    What's going on here? I went to Lake Winnipesaukee for only FOUR days and when I got back you have 1,000 posts and your blog has been 'pimped.' I just can't keep up with you! Nothing is the same! But, I do like your new blog layout.

  3. sometimes we just go through some blah times .

  4. Yeah, I need to remember that too. Its hard to keep in mind when you're feeling blah. I hope this is a better, sunnier week for you. :)

  5. It sucks when a friendship you count on doesn't feel like it's going quite the right way. I hope you guys find your way back!


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