ranting about not ranting?

Aug 5, 2009

in lieu of a certain conversation i'd like to clarify something:

i have a firm policy here.
i refuse to rant (and not my normal, everyday nonsensical ranting) about specific people.

you will never see someone's name listed with all their assumed (or projected) faults.
i will never voice my side of any fight or drama with any real detail, as to cause someone pain.

i want my little corner of the internets to be one where if the person themself were to read it, they wouldn't be upset to read anything i was thinking (whether or not they were upset with me themselves).

i've seen one too many people let their anger get the better of them and mouth off about a particular coworker, ex, friend, ex-friend, or whatever on this--and it only propagates the issue.

if i voice my concerns about said drama/fight/disagreement, it will be abstract. it will be vague. it will be honest, but, hopefully, not hurtful.

in everyday life: i will mention people. i will give details about my life. i will maintain my current level of crazy self.
but i will not angrily call someone out because i'm frustrated or angry or hurt.

again, my blog, my rules.
the end.

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  1. That's just good advice. I try and avoid any names at all, but a few slip in every once in awhile.


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