new features and best friends

Aug 7, 2009


As a precursor to a new feature I'm beginning tomorrow (today?) ...Friday... whatever...
I figured I'd take a stab at some of the questions I asked my BFFs to answer.
So here goes.

how did we meet?
well that whole being me thing really did help the situation.
we met at that whole coming out of the birth canal thing.

what's your favorite food?
potatoes. cheese. carbs.
mmmmm. carbs.

what's your favorite color?
deep, bright pink. and sunflower yellow.
and mint green. and aqua.

what's your most used word?
honestly? probably "butt faccia!!"
or an exclaimed "awwwesome."

what is your favorite comfort food?
my momma's homemade mac and cheese.
or graham crackers in milk.
{girl scout samoas also make the list}

what do you want to be when you grow up?
a mom. really. it may be some people's future nightmare. but nothing appeals to me as much as being a kick butt soccer mom complete with black tahoe and orange slices. other than that: author, press secretary, travel show field producer, morning show producer, photographer, talk show host.

so come on back tomorrow to meet some of my best friends.
{pssst...there are even more fun questions I asked them!}

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