need, want, love

Aug 12, 2009

i have little brain power left today.
so i'm answering miss gabby's question.


Seasons 1-3 of Psych on DVD.
Heck, I'd settle for advance copies of the new episodes.


This movie is amazing.
We all know I love me some Zac Efron.
But really, my anti-Efron friends (gasp!) totally loved it.
It's so well done. And holds unexpected laughs.


I have been looking for the perfect slouchy (big) black bag for months.
And I found this one this weekend.
Love me some skater wear. Yay Zumiez!
And this fits my book and wallet and all my pens and everything with room for my cardigan.
It's perfect.
I love the braided handle.

So what are YOU needing, wanting, loving right now?

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