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Aug 6, 2009

So...workaholics that we are...Bonnie and I decided to take little break (i.e. our day off) and go see The Fray and Jack's Mannequin in concert in Portland.

I must give you a little background.
I've already told you I have a thing for well written music/lyrics.
These two bands are ones that make me giddy.
I geek out over stuff like this.
And I have been IN LOVE with Andrew McMahon since high school --Something Corporate being one of (if not my very) favorite bands of all time. I think the man is a genius. And he's honestly one of my idols. But seeing as SoCo doesn't exist anymore, Jack's Mannequin has moved in on their turf.

The opening act wasn't very good.
So Bonnie and I played up our narcissism.
Say it with me now: "Oh, wow."

This is my face when Jack's made their way on stage.
P.S. my hair is HUGE.

I LOVE them.
They're meant to play live--they're fantastic entertainers.
And half way through their set Andrew began the next song with ... "So, we're gonna play a little something from my other band. So all you Something Corporate fans--this is for you."
I think I almost passed out.
He was jumpin all over the place, on the piano, off of the piano, off the metal parts of the set.
It. Was. EPIC.

The Fray was equally amazing.
They played stuff from both albums and did an amazing job.
Their drummer is INSANELY good. (And fun fact: he's from Poland.)
For their encore they played my favorite song of theirs--even though it's not off the current album. And their encore lasted four more songs (including Kanye's Heartless. mmmmmMMmmmm.).

It was a fantastic evening.
(Preceeded by a great afternoon of scoping through the outlets. Yay new Nike kicks on super sale. (yes, I have freakishly small feet. i can wear kids shoes.))


  1. Jealous! They came to SLC a while back, and I really, really, really wanted to see them (it's kind of been like that a lot this summer--with concerts, I mean). I'm glad you did--I can live vicariously through you. My need is satisfied.

  2. JEALOUS!!!!!!
    I was just listening to "The Fray" on my commute to work today! LOVE them. And I believe it was you who introduced me to Jack's Mannequin, and I think they rock too!

  3. I went to a free concert last Saturday and it was pretty rad. Oh who am I kidding, it was nowhere near as cool as The Fray or Jack's Manequin! Good day off activity.


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